radio error code problem

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Thread: radio error code problem

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    Oct 2008

    radio error code problem

    Just replaced battery on '05 Odyssey Touring. Made sure I dug out the Navi and Radio codes beforehand. Started the car, entered the Navi code - great, there's my neighborhood, works fine.

    Next, turned on the radio - "CODE" comes up on the display - that's OK, I'm ready with my official Honda Anti-Theft Identification Card - so I punch in the 5-digit code and, .... wait a minute, "Code Error 1" comes up. No problem, right? I must have hit a button wrong. So I enter the code again and get "Code Error 2" then 3 and 4 and 5 ...... What is up with that?

    So I disconnect the battery for half an hour thinking I may just need to reset the system and try again - but, no go ....... !!!!????They gave me the wrong number on my anti-theft card!?!?!!!! How can this be??

    So I go to: Sure enough they have the same serial number and radio code data that's on my card.

    So now its Saturday and my wife and little grandson are without audio, dvd, XM until I can get it to the dealer on a weekday and they can figure it out or somehow reset the system with a new code. They better not try to charge me for this as I am the original owner with an unmodified audio system status post the vehicle's first battery change using the info Honda supplied me.

    I don't expect any answers here- just venting.
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    Oct 2008

    Unhappy update to radio error code problem

    Did a couple more searches since original post and came up with the suggestion in "radio / code reset" thread to pull the radio fuse with the advice that this technique is actually different than disconnecting battery.

    Sad to report that this did not work for me - still will not take the code supplied on my card.

    Guess it's on to the dealer to see what kind of hassle and expense they have in store for me.
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    Try looking inside the glovebox to the left. There might be a sticker with a 6 digit nubmber and an M and some numbers below. That 6-digit number is your radio code.
    Ivanner Mora-Barrientos

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    You either have the wrong card or the radio was replaced for one reason or the other. If you bought the van brand new, odds are that the stealership screwed up and gave you the wrong card. In that case, odds are that the golve box sticker might also be the wrong one.

    If the radio was replaced under warranty by the prior owner (if you bought used), then either they did not get the new card or forgot to give you the new card.

    In either case, the only solution is to get the code by pulling the radio out and getting the radio serial number. Once a Honda dealership has the serial number, they can get the code by using the serial #.

    With a 2005, I assume you are out of warranty (unless you got HondaCare or some other extended warranty), you might come out ahead by obtaining the serial number yourself (stealership will try to charge you money to get the serial number off of the radio) and then giving the serial number to your local dealership.
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    Your powers of deduction are spot-on dvpatel!

    Just before I read your reply I did the "button 1 and 6 - power on" procedure to bring up my unit's serial number and, sure enough, it's a different number than the serial number on my card.

    We did buy this Ody new but it was a no-mile '05 bought in '06 and likely sat on the lot a few months. Who knows, maybe service yanked the original out to satisfy some irate customer with a broken entertainment system. Then when they replaced it with the one they ordered for that customer, they conveniently neglected to give the sales staff the new anti-theft info. Dealers are so slimily irresponsible, aren't they?

    As luck would have it, it seems I must have visited Honda's Customer Link site one too many times trying to troubleshoot this serial number/radio code problem. They actually "locked out" my VIN from obtaining any more radio and Navi data. I'll have to call to get it unlocked and hopefully be given my proper code or at least download it myself.

    Thanks for the replies and help.

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