Folks, if you can bear another "My Navi Is Failing Intermittently" post, Er.....My navi is failing intermittently.

Symptoms: occasionally, no OK button appears at start up. Sometimes map appears and doesn't move for five minutes (we've driven five minutes) then the refresh is about once a minute. Best described as "screen freezes."

Actions So Far:

1. I adjusted the location via normal menus. This seemed to help the "screen freeze" since, I believe, it kept trying to calculate a position on a side street and when I'm on a highway, it can't figure out why I keep plowing through people's yards from one street to another.

But problems persisted.

2. I went into DIAG mode last night and checked the connections, etc. Diags seem to think everything is fine. We're listening to three satellites.

But, My wife reports that this morning the navi didn't work.

Planned Action tonight: Remove and Clean DVD.


1. What does "Force Download" do?
2. Does it force a refresh of the DVD firmware?
3. Has it changed since 2001?
4. How can you tell?
5. Will I lose all my personal addresses?
6. What do I do if I force a download and my navigation system thinks my car is in Torrance, California? (I'm in Austin Texas.)
7. What other questions should I be asking?