2001 Ex Radio Code

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Thread: 2001 Ex Radio Code

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    Unhappy 2001 Ex Radio Code

    We had Tire Kingdom install a new battery yesterday. When my wife drove off, the radio was looking for a CODE.
    Can't find the code or the card the dealer supposedly gave us (6 years ago!). Dealer says I need to bring the van in and for $79 they'll take out the radio and find the Serial # to get us the code.

    Are there any other options? We found some web sites that sell codes - are these for real? Should we really have to pay HONDA to get the code? Don't they have this in a database or anything? I have the KEY ACCESS CODE!!! Should we call HONDA of America customer service?


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    Registered User cebrew's Avatar
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    May 2003
    At some point they started putting a sticker in the glove box with the the serial # for the van's radio. I don't know what year. My 2000 didn't have it but my 03 does. If its not there, I would pull the radio myself and get the serial number and call the dealer. The radio is not that difficult to remove. If you go that route, do a search on radio removal, I believe there are several threads around here that have detailed instructions. $79 bucks is a rip off. Good luck.
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    Thumbs up

    thanks very much for your reply.
    I'm going to take your advice...hopefully the sticker is in the glove compartment...otherwise, I'll get daring and take the radio out - the $79 is just too much.
    thanks again,

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    Registered User New Dad New Van's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    To retrieve the Serial # from the radio WITHOUT removing the unit from the dash, you should refer to the 7th post in this thread:

    Anti theft code and Radio player question

    Your radio code may be on a sticker in the glove box, the rear hatch/jam or driver's door/jam. Your code may also be available from Honda Owner's website: https://www.ahm-ownerlink.com/login....d%5Fhome%2Easp You will need your VIN #.
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    Charleston, SC
    OK, 12 hours from my initial post and problem has been solved. Don't get me wrong I've been at work all day.
    Thanks to everyone for posting - you've proved once again what an amazingly useful site this is.

    Quick recap - For my 2001 ODY EX, the radio code and the radio serial # were in the glove compartment. After I found that, my next problem was that the radio now said "CODE ERROR". On another post I found that you had to pull a fuse to reset the radio. Turns out for my model it was #11 (or 10A?) found in the fuse box, passenger side, front side, by floor.
    Seems you have to remove the fuse whith the key in the ignition (off), then place it back in. Oh yeh, there is a fuse "puller" located in fuse box under the hood. After I did this, the radio was reset and was ready to accept the code.

    I'm really ticked at my HONDA dealer...when I called this AM the "Service Advisor" only presented one option ,which was to bring the car in, have them pull the radio for $79 to get the radio serial # and then decipher what the code was. I really wish they could have told me about where to find the code. Instead, it seems they're more interested in a quick $79. They'll be getting a letter from me.

    Thanks again to all the members that replied.

    2001 ODY EX - 75,000 Miles
    Charlotte, NC
    And yes, we did have the TRANNY replaced (under warranty), never had any problems with the power doors though!

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    Dec 2005
    Yeah, with the two numbers on the sticker in my '05 EX's glove compartment, I just found out that you want the 5 digit code (radio code), not the longer number sequence (radio serial #).

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