I just completed a 10 day 1500 mile road trip in a 2017 Sienna with 7500 miles on it. One thing this rental vehicle showed me was to not buy a black car, it shows every scratch and looks dirty quickly. I rented the van because my 17 year old Ody with 195k is getting tired and I didn't want to deal with any issues. The rental van cost only $250 for the whole time I had it, Alamo was having a good deal on vans the day I set it up. This van had everything but NAV and DVD. Below is my likes & dislikes, I am trying to be as objective as possible.

-back up camera
-side warning system, a light comes on on each side view mirror when there's something next to you (works great on the highway)
-side curtains, kids like those for the bright low sun
-firm and adjustable seats
-nice ride over bumps and on the highway
-somewhat quiet on the highway compared to my old Ody

-still can't open the rear tip out windows individually, the main reason I never bothered driving one when I bought the Ody years ago. Lacking one extra switch turned my wife and I off.
-This car shifts strangely, may be the ECO mode built in but even after I shut that off it just seemed to rev higher than needed. Also seemed to lack power because of the shift pattern, my old Ody feels stronger on take off or when needing to drop a gear to pick up speed.
-MPG's seem slightly worse than my old Ody
-a van like this should have USB ports all over it, it has one in the front dash. Also it only has 3 of the cigarette lighter style plugs, one in the way back and 2 in the front dash. Again nothing for the passengers.
-seats were comfy but a bit on the hard side, maybe because of the leather.
-brakes seemed a bit squishy but do stop you quickly

All in all the van is nice but I wouldn't buy one, too many things I don't love about it. Aside from the rattyness of my van, no new car smell and louder on the highway...I actually prefer the old Ody. I'm going have to try a newer one at some point but I've never seen one at a rental place.