Cost of 90000 miles service and what to get ?

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Thread: Cost of 90000 miles service and what to get ?

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    Cost of 90000 miles service and what to get ?

    Okay posting here after long time, my ody is up for 90000 miles service and want to know apart from what is written in user manual. What else should be done ? Two things that I've noticed lately is the mileage on van is diping from 20mpg to 17mpg and the steering feels bit heavy to turn.

    On a side note my wife banged it on side with some pillar (yes dont ask me how one can do it on side) and the dent had been there for a while (I never got it fixed as this one was her 3rd accident and I dont want to keep fixing things) now the dent is showing some rust and we are in upstate NY. What should be done to take care of rust ?

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    You should have your Power Steering system checked out. There are a number of tests and checks that are done to troubleshoot the hard steering. Depending on the outcome of this, it may still be a good idea to do a power steering fluid change.

    Aside from your Owner's Manual Maintnenance Schedule you may consider:

    Battery - are you on the original? Typical life of 3-5 years.
    ATF drain and fill every 30,000 miles, 15,000 miles are prudent and I do mine every 3rd oil change. There is also an ATF filter that can be replaced.
    Brake fluid flush every 3 yrs. (in manual I believe)
    A/C cabin filter every couple of years (also in manual?)

    MPG drop: PSI in tires to 35-38, O2 sensors, EGR, quality of gas, dirty air filter???
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    If you don't already, get a cheap air compressor, a good quality gauge and check the tire pressures of your vehicles at home cold in the morning. It will save a lot of gas. You cannot accurately check warm tires. It may be the route of the low fuel mileage and heavy power steering.

    A 90k service is just like any other 30k service. In newer vehicles it is just an oil change with the addition of the engine and cabin filters. Both of these you can change yourself and save a significant amount of money over having them done at the dealer. I agree with New Dad that a normal drain and fill of the trans fluid would be prudent. The schedule for the brake fluid is in fact every three years regardless of miles. You could also be looking at brake pads. You can use clear nail polish on bare auto metal to stop rust.

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