WTB 4th Gen Odyssey - Touring or Elite

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Thread: WTB 4th Gen Odyssey - Touring or Elite

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    Oct 2015

    WTB 4th Gen Odyssey - Touring or Elite

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for a 4th gen Odyssey, preferably the facelifted model (2014 onwards, I think).

    - 2 - 3 yrs old - off-lease would be perfect
    - Higher trim levels (Touring or Touring Elite)
    - Clean - this is a MUST
    - Mileage under 50K - this is the lowest priority, the first 3 are much higher

    Looking to buy late Feb - March timeframe.

    I'm located in the Northeast (CT), but have no problems driving out to see a car.
    If you're looking for sell your car, or return your lease around that time, please PM me.
    I'm happy to pay $1 - $2K over lease turn-in value for the right car. You get to make some money, I get to save some money by avoiding dealer mark-up.

    Any questions, please PM me
    Thank you

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    St. Louis, Missouri - USA
    Many used, late model Hondas and Toyotas have an inflated resale value. As the new model year vehicles arrive, you’ll sometimes find dealers selling one to two year old used vehicles for the same or more than the equivalent new model.

    Consider how many miles you plan on getting from each vehicle, minus the accumulated miles from the used vehicle, then consider the resale value of each vehicle whenever you plan on selling or trading in three, five or ten years. You’ll also be getting a full warranty without having to buy a warranty (repair insurance). If you can negotiate a good price on new van, I think you’ll come out ahead if you look at the total cost of ownership for new vs. used.

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    1985 Camaro
    1985 Camry
    1994 Ford Taurus (Tow us) GL Wagon
    1979 Corvette
    1998 Camry LE V6
    2003 Honda Odyssey EX
    2005 Mazda 6S

    2006 Mazda 6S
    2015 Honda Odyssey EX
    2006 Toyota Avalon Limited

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    Thanks @Neo Fender,

    I actually looked into that & gave it some serious thought. Here's how I laid it out, feel free to poke holes if you see any:

    The van we want, with options, will probably retail somewhere around $40K - $45K.
    The same one, 2-3 yrs old retails 28 - 30K.

    Factor in 20K miles per year (we drive around a lot), and say we'll keep it for 10 yrs. That's 200K miles.
    According to KBB, a 2006 Odyssey Touring with 200K sells somewhere between $1.6K & $3K.

    Add Maintenance:
    Years 1 - 3: $300/yr --> $900 (300 x 3)
    Years 4 - 7: $500/yr --> $1,500 (500 x 3)
    Years 8 - 10: $800/yr --> $2,400 (800 x 3)
    Years 11 - 13: $800/yr --> $2,400 (800 x 3)

    Total maintenance of new van in 10 yrs: $4,800 (all numbers above totaled)
    Total maintenance of used van (2 - 3 yrs old): $6,300 (1500 + 2400 + 2400)

    Since we're talking about the same van, I'm leaving out fuel, taxes & insurance thinking they're either the same or too small of a difference to compare.

    So, total cost to own over 10 yrs:
    New van:
    - Price: 40K (we have above average credit score, but assuming here we'll qualify for 0% financing)
    - Maintenance: $4,800
    - Total Cost: approx $45K

    Used Van:
    - Price: 33K (assuming purchase price between 28 & 30K, and we're able to get 2-3% rate from our credit union)
    - Maintenance: $6,300
    - Total Cost: approx $37K

    I'm hoping to find someone who's exiting the lease, this way we'll lower the cost of the used van even further.

    Again, if you see any holes, please poke.


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    Jan 2014
    I got my Ody for sale.

    2015 Touring. Black with truffle int. 30k miles on the van. Honda care 7/120k miles. Got over $1500 in extras (can give you more info if you are interested). Selling it for $32500. Bought it brand new. No accidents. I'm in OH 44060.

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