Popping noise when steering wheel turns

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Thread: Popping noise when steering wheel turns

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    Popping noise when steering wheel turns

    I have a Honda Odyssey 2002. It has been making a popping sound when I turn the wheel left and also now when I am just driving without turning. I have had it looked at 3 times. No one seems to know. I have had front struts replaced and left outer tie rod. It went away very briefly but is now back. Any ideas? Having it lubed seems to help but very briefly.

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    This is a classic symptom of a bad outer CV joint (Constant Velocity joint). You can have the CV joint rebuilt for about $300-$400, or have the entire axle replaced for a little more. Don't put it off because complete failure of the CV joint can result in a loss of steering control or the axle can fall out while driving.
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    Replace nothing! Try this first and save yourself some trouble

    I tried for years to identify the source of a popping sound from the front end. It all started when I replaced the springs and struts on the front end. I thought I tried everything. Checked torques over and over. The noise was ever present though. Never would go away. I eventually replaced the drive axles thinking that was the last thing it could possibly be. That didn't help either. So then I tried the control arm bushings. NOPE. Not that either. So after replacing every moving part on the front end of the van I still had that same darn sound. A pop while going slowly over uneven road. Or while steering at slow speeds. There was always that pop.

    When I had finally given up I went back to check all was tight. I found that the bottom stabilizer bar end link on the driver side was loose enough to turn by hand. I had replaced the end links when I did the struts 2 years ago. I had for some reason overlooked that particular nut every time I checked things. Whomever did your struts probably did the same thing because it is difficult to get a wrench in there to get good torque on it. You'll need a box end wrench to get good angle on it.

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