ABS codes and poor gas mileage

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Thread: ABS codes and poor gas mileage

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    Jul 2012
    Monroe, WA

    ABS codes and poor gas mileage

    So, We recently purchased a 2004 Odyssey with 83K miles on it.
    We were noticing that when you were stopping the ABS would activate. This would happen at random times under normal conditions not trying to skid.

    Also we have filled up twice now and are averaging 16 MPG.

    So, this morning I hooked up my scanner. (Learned my lesson and will be taking it with me when I purchase my next vehicle).
    The scanner had not Engine, Transmission or Airbag codes, but it did have ABS codes.

    Here are a list of the codes I got:
    31-02 PFINH Signal Failure
    34-02 TP Reference Voltage Failure
    53-01 ABS Pump Motor Relay Short Circuit
    54-01 Fail-Safe Relay Failure
    61-02 Gear Position Signal Failure
    61-01 Battery Voltage Failure

    After clearing the codes I drove around the block a couple times testing the brakes. I did not really notice the ABS activation like I did before. The ABS also activated properly under hard braking. I did not get any trouble codes back yet, probably have to drive it more.

    I also was curious about the Gear position signal failure. I went to the transmission data stream. I noticed that when I put the gear selector in Park and Neutral the "Shift Control" on the reader said "Reverse". When I put the selector in Reverse "Shift Control" said "Invalid".

    Does anyone know where I should start looking? Would ABS probablems cause poor gas mileage? I probably need to do a tune up, but want to rule ABS issues out for the gas mileage.

    Thanks for any help or ideas you can give.

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    First there is no such thing as a tune up today. There are things that need to be done at service intervals as listed in the owners manual. Timing belt is overdue if it hasn't been done. It is due at 105k OR 7 years. As well spark plugs will be due at 105k. Depending on your driving 16 mpg is not unreasonable. Full stop and go city driving could take it down lower as you you are moving a 5k pound hunk of metal with a large engine. Freeway driving with reasonable driving habits can get it up th around 24.
    Where are you looking at the gear position? On the dash or are you seeing it on the reader. What OBDII reader are using as I haven't found any consumer grade reader that would read Honda ABS codes. The ones I have seen are expensive and only read vehicle specific codes. If the lights on the dash are off the range switch may be off or need adjusted.
    2004 EX Odyssey.
    All posts made by me are in reference to the gen 2 Odyssey.

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    Dec 2003
    What is the state of your battery? Sometimes electrcial gremlins occur with a weak battery.
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    2001 Odyssey LX (Traded in May 2015 with failed transmission at 100k miles)
    1994 Subaru Impreza L Manual Transmission (Sold in 2010)
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    Jul 2012
    Monroe, WA
    The reader I have is not consumer grade. It is an OTC Nemesis, so not high end, but was 700 bucks. It looks like this - I bought mine just before they came out with the color screen.

    I am not really concerned with what terminology I use for discribing changing the spark plugs, cleaning things out, checking for vacuum leaks and replacing filters and so on. I just did a "TuneUp" on my father's work van. It included: 5 new ignition coils (3 were replace recently), 8 new spark plugs, fuel injector cleaning, new EGR valve, fixed broken PCV line and an oil change. There was a night and day difference between before and after running/driving characteristics. I will continue to call it a TuneUp.

    The battery was replaced just before we got the van. So, I guess if it was bad it could have caused the gremlins.

    I was comparing the gear position on the dash to what the reader was saying it was in. when I had it in both 'D's and in 1st the reader said it was in first. When I put it in 2nd it went to second. Those were how I expected them to be. When I put the gear shift in Reverse the reader said invalid. When I put the gear shift in Park or Neutral the reader said Reverse. The lights on the dash point to the correct position according to the lever position and tranny state.

    We drive in a pretty good mix of city and highway. So, we were expecting around 20 MPG not 16 which is the EPA rating for City: Compare Side-by-Side. Our old AWD Aerostar did better than this does.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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    Oklahoma City, OK
    One way to check the odd reading on the gear position from your scan tool would be to connect it to another Odyssey or maybe even an Accord and see what the other vehicle reads in reverse. If it also reads invalid then it is probably just a "bug". Just a thought.

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    Jul 2012
    Monroe, WA
    Just to give an update on the ABS problem and what I did. I think I have corrected the problem as it no longer activates the ABS system when stopping.

    I took the front wheels off and inspected the sensors. I found that the passenger side front sensor was very dirty and the tone ring or whatever it is called was not in line with the sensor. I pryed the ring over on the axle shaft till it was fully under the sensor.

    I put it all back together and the problem disappeared.

    Hope that helps someone else that might have this issue.

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