HELP - Transmission Temperature Gauge

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Thread: HELP - Transmission Temperature Gauge

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    Lightbulb HELP - Transmission Temperature Gauge

    Hi all,

    2002 Odyssey EX
    Goal: to install an aftermarket transmission fluid temperature gauge for towing purposes.

    I contacted GlowShift Gauges and they recommended I accomplish this via:

    The Transmission Test Port:

    The Stock Sensor Location
    + T-fitting:
    "This will allow you to keep your stock sensor installed, while also allowing you to install an aftermarket temperature sensor. "
    I have contact my local honda dealer and they were unable to provide the thread & bolt sizes of the ports (if one even exists) or even the stock sensor. I have searched online and cant find any information. I am trying to find if there is a test port and what size that bolt would be? If not I am trying to figure out where the stock sensor is and what would be involved with a basic T fitting to get an accurate temp read.

    WHY: I am in process of adding a trans cooler and ps cooler with extra magnafine inline filters on the lower pressure sides. I do NOT plan to tow with the vehicle often but will be making a cross country trip with the family for medical residency and want to cover all my bases. If my temp is crazy high ill know to stop and give the tranny a break (or maybe even drive at night - or whatever). Without knowing the temp i feel like i am towing blind.

    I would appreciate any help. Sincerest Thanks!
    - Jon

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    Both of those approaches require tapping into a line somehow. What I did was completely non-invasive and easily removable. I attached bead style thermocouples to the OUTSIDE of the outlet and return lines of the transmission cooler. The outlet lines will give you the highest temperature, and the return lines will give you the coolest. Sump temperature will normally be smack dab in the middle.

    The way I attached the thermocouples was to run the termocouple wire through the firewall and find a metal portion of the transmission fluid line (rubber hoses don't give an accurate reading) and positioned the thermocouple bead against the pipe. I then put a dab of thermal mastic on the thermocouple and a small dab on the transmission line and proceeded to wrap it with aluminum foil tape. The aluminum foil tape has stood up to the high temperatures for at least 3 years now, and the thermal mastic (could substitute CPU heat sink grease) helps ensure good heat transfer between the wall of the pipe and the thermocouple bead to ensure an accurate measurement.

    I then just hook the thermocouple up to a handheld meter (like this). When not monitoring the temperatures, just disconnect from the meter and stow the wires (I stow mine in the lower bin in the center console). This method has worked quite well for me; I've done the operation on my other vehicles as well to monitor transmission temps during the summer, which prompted the installation of a trans cooler on one of them as well. The only item I've had problems with is a short on the connector that plugs into the meter; it needs strain relief on that connector or the constant bending back and forth that is inevitable will eventually cause a short. This is particularly important if you stow the meter in the bin with the thermocouples still attached.
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    Give Odyfamily a private messege as he has done several different ATF temp measuring because he also tows.
    Whoops, posted this before I read the above message from webbch, but still send a PM to OdyFamily.
    Last edited by Buffalo4; 02-17-2017 at 04:03 PM.
    2003 EX-L
    168k miles orig tranny Oct 2015

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