How to tell if the CV joints need replacement?

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Thread: How to tell if the CV joints need replacement?

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    How to tell if the CV joints need replacement?

    How do I tell if my CV joints need replacement? Boots are not torn, and no visible grease outside the boots. They are original and have 211,000 miles on them. Ody is a 1999.

    With the front wheel jacked up and the car in park, I can rotate the wheel through an arc of about two inches at the circumference. Is this excessive? I also hear a 'clack' or 'clunk' noise when reaching each end of the rotation. Both front wheels have the same condition.

    my concern is that this is play in the cv joints as I read in the Haynes manual that the grease lasts 100,000 miles and I don't know if Honda did anything with the CV joints when the Trans was replaced at 186,000.

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    If you dont hear a clicking sound while making a left or right turn, the CV joints are still ok.
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    That clunking sound you hear is the gears in the tranny and is perfectly normal. Unless you hear clunking noise when turning, your CV joints should be fine. If your boots are in good shape and water, dirt ect haven't gotten inside then CV joints can last for quite some time. Yours are proof of that.

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    I would think the dealer probably checks the condition of CV joint boots. If they're okay then the joint is probably okay. And as mentioned above if you hear clicking in hard right or left turns (i.e. turning a corner) then they're gone. The sound is very obvious.
    Keep 'em greased.'

    Oh and if the wheel falls off that's probably an indicator too
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