ENGINE OIL change interval

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Thread: ENGINE OIL change interval

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    Oct 2004
    Omaha, NE

    ENGINE OIL change interval

    I am simply curious what everyone is doing re Engine Oil.
    Every 3K, 5k, 7K, 15K.

    FYI, I came across this site on a BMW. BMW Oil Change Interval recommendation of 15K per onwers' manual!!!

    This confirms my long-time suspicion that car mfg's increase the "usual" engine oil change interval of 5-7K to 15K to make the car looks better (car salesman often brag about "low cost" of maintenance "oh you don't need a tune-up until 100K kind of thing"...)

    Whatever, I am doing my oil change in all my cars at 5-7K.

    Not starting a debate but simply curious what everyone does re "Interval between oil changes".

    cnn: 2007 Odyssey LX, R.I.P. May 2014

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    Jul 2003
    Oil is inexpensive. An engine swap, or engine rebuild is very expensive. Why gamble a couple of $20 to risk losing thousands of dollars and a week of vehicule downtime??

    15K is too far stretched out for me, and my cars. The farthest I would go is 7k miles, only with synthetic oil though.
    2002 Ody LX (Mom's)
    2003 Maxima (Dad's)
    2002 Supercharged Miata ( Dad's toy)
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    Aug 2004
    Pittsburgh PA
    3,750 miles as called for in the maintenance schedule for severe duty, dino oil. About three times a year for this car based on only driving around 10k per year.
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    '04 Odyssey EX - Sandstone Metallic (SOLD)
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    '68 Buick Riviera

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    Sep 2002
    So Cal
    I change it when the light comes on. That's about 6k (it burns steady at 7500) Twice a year at my usual 15 k @ year. It gets whatever oil the dealer puts in (reported to be a semi-synthetic) I find all this obsession on oil in a Honda amusing. Completely clueless people put 200k on Honda engines all the time without paying any attention at all. The change interval should have everything to do with the kind of driving you do and nothing to do with myth, rumor, or even what your daddy taught you.

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    Nov 2005
    Middle Tennessee
    I go @ 7500.

    I use full synthetic (Castrol syntec) when I do it, and every other change let the dealer do it for a record of good dealer maintenance. My dealer just switched to using the synthetic blend versus dino oil, which, as far as I can tell is Mobile 7500. However, even when they used dino oil I still went 7500. I just rely on the maintenance light to tell me when to do it.

    I dont claim to have any special knowledge, this is just what I do. I have never (knock on wood) lost an engine using the cheapest generic store brand oil, changing between 5-7000 miles, and driving a Ford, Isuzu, and VW to boot. I have stepped up to synthetic because I have a little more money now than I did in the past, and I feel like this Honda engine is a step above in engineering and mechanical quality than previous engines I have had, so why not baby it a little.
    2012 Odyssey EX-L

    Past: 2003 Odyssey, sold at 168,000 in February of 2015.
    Towed a Stingray 190LX with it from 2007 till sold, original tranny still turning the wheels!

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    Registered User pianomusic's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Every 3K here. Our dealer recommends that as well.
    2003 EXL-NAVI
    1999 CHEVY S10 LS

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    Registered User psu ody fan's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Central Ohio
    Originally posted by pianomusic
    Every 3K here. Our dealer recommends that as well.
    Of course they do.... it gets you in their shop more often.

    I normally follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
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    Jul 2006
    Boston, MA

    Real Synthetic Used Here

    Redline - changed every 6K - still cheaper than Jiffy-lose every 3K.
    2002 Honda Odyssey EXL - 288K (Orig. Tranny)
    KYG GR2 Shocks, Honda struts & springs, Honda trans. cooler & heavy duty PS cooler, Thule Cascade XT 1700, Honda hitch and Thule 915 Roadway, Redline Syn-Oil, Tranny D4, & Water Wetter, Michelin Harmony tires
    2003 Honda Accord EXL - 394K (2nd Tranny at 180K)
    Redline Syn-Oil, Tranny D4, & Water Wetter, Michelin MXV4 Primacy tires
    2006 Honda CRV SE - 118K
    Redline Syn-Oil, Tranny D4, & Water Wetter, Michelin Defender tires

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    Dec 2003
    My OCI is 7500 (or so) w/ M1 5W30 T&SUV ever since the factory warranty expired.

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    Registered User Mikey178's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    Usually replace engine oil and filter at about 6000km. Approx. every 3-4 months. Do the change myself, 20 minutes and its done.

    About BMW, I have a relative that owns a X5 and he said the dealer replaces the oil at every 15000 or so. Which he said was like 1 time a year, but he said that when that time comes for replacing the oil and stuff its an expense maintainence. Don't quote me on this but I heard him say something like $600.00 CAN. That in my opinion is "Branding" price, just cause its a BMW .
    2000 Honda Odyssey LX
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    Jun 2005
    Every 3K with conventional oil.

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    Sep 2004
    Louisville, KY
    I start thinking about it at 5k and usually get to it by 6k using Mobil 5w30 synthetic blend and a Honda filter.
    Eric W

    2008 EX-L Baltic Blue Pearl w/57K
    BMW X5 wheels with 245/50/18
    Tranny #1 Hidden Content

    2000 GG EX w/244K (off to another good home)
    Katzkin leather kit
    Tranny #3

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    Sep 2006
    Cape Cod, Mass.
    Every 3k. Cheapest insurance you can buy. Quaker State oil & Fram filter. Routinely run engines up over 200,000 miles. Been doing this drill for over 40 years, only blew one engine in all that time, and it was when in moment of insanity I opted for some KMart no-name oil.

    Superstitious? Yeah, you could say that...................
    Last edited by Xrrman; 10-09-2006 at 08:40 PM.

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    Aug 2006
    SE Virginia
    Never EVER use Fram.
    They are very poorly made. And do sometimes come apart (internally, the filter material pulls away from the cardboard end-caps). I had one fail on me,and I had to pull the engine to get the bits out of the oil galleys. No warning. The oil pressure light came on and the valve lifters started rapping like crazy. This on an Audi Coupe.
    There are many others with similar stories if you check out a few other auto club forums.
    Also, look here:
    2015 Honda Fit
    2003 Honda Odyssey EX-L
    1972 Alfa Romeo Spider - in project status

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    Registered User funfinder4's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    ~6,000 (or when light starts flashing)
    M1 5w30
    Bosch or Honda oil filter
    I drain and fill 3 quarts of Valvoline MaxLife ATF while I'm dirty

    I have actually started using the (black) Bosch oil filters exclusively. They look to be better construction and are about the same size of the older Honda oil filters a couple years back (at least 1 1/2 times fatter than the current Honda filters).
    '99 Odyssey LX: 135k; 2nd trans. @ 128k Hidden Content Hayden 678 Trans Cooler, Cyberdyne trans gauge, Prodigy brake controller, MaxLife ATF
    '06 Tundra DoubleCab: retired Ody from it's towing duties
    '05 Jayco Jayflight 27BH
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