2001 P0780 Shift Malfunction Code

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Thread: 2001 P0780 Shift Malfunction Code

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    2001 P0780 Shift Malfunction Code

    We bought this van new we have done some trailering with it, but not for several years, and have babied it trying to avoid any transmission problems. I have done the prescribed flush every year.

    About a month ago while driving on slick roads the D4 light, TCS and Check engine lights all came on. After I shut the van off and restarted it all the lights went off except the check engine light. I took it to O'rielly's and scanned it and it showed a P0780 shift malfunction I cleared the code hoping it was because of the slick roads. Well it did it again this time on dry roads. I took it to the dealer they said it was a solenoid, but because it had over 60,000 miles on it Honda recommended a rebuilt transmission and the total bill would be a little over $3000.

    The transmission shifts and functions normally. The fluid is clear and doesn't smell I just flushed it in December.

    From this code does anybody know which solenoid is the culprit?

    What are my chances if I services the solenoids and clean the screens and flush it again, and maybe switch to Mobile one?

    Does anybody have a link to the procedure for servicing and checking the solenoids.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If no other codes:
    Replace shift solonoid valve A and torque converter clutch solonoid valve as a set.
    A/T clutch pressure controil solonoid valves A and B

    You should do a search and read some of the posts by members who have found cleaning the screens in the solonoids beneficial.
    2004 EX Odyssey.
    All posts made by me are in reference to the gen 2 Odyssey.

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    P0780 - Mechanical problem in hydraulic system

    This code is caused by an electrical circuit problem and cannot be caused by a mechanical problem in the transmission.

    Mechanical Problem in Hydraulic Control System for Shift Solenoid Valve A and A/T Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Valves A and B, or Problem in Hydraulic Control System

    Record all freeze data and review General Troubleshooting Information before you troubleshoot.
    Keep replacement solenoid valves on hand:
    Torque converter clutch solenoid valve-shift solenoid valve A
    A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valves A and B

    1. Check whether the scan tool or the HDS indicates
    another code.

    Does the scan tool or the HDS indicate another

    YES - Perform the Troubleshooting Flowchart for
    the indicated Code(s). Recheck for code P0780 after

    NO - Go to step 2.

    NOTE: Do not continue with this troubleshooting
    until the causes of any other DTCs have been

    2. Turn the ignition switch OFF.

    3. Replace the shift solenoid valve A (and torque converter clutch solenoid valve as a set) and A/T clutch pressure control solenoid
    valves A and B.

    4. Clear the DTC with the scan tool or the HDS.

    5. Drive the vehicle for several minutes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears in D4 position.

    6. Recheck for code P0780.

    Does the scan tool or the HDS indicate code P0780?

    YES - Replace the transmission.

    NO - The problem has been corrected.
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    2001 Odyssey LX (Traded in May 2015 with failed transmission at 100k miles)
    1994 Subaru Impreza L Manual Transmission (Sold in 2010)
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    I just got this code as well. I replaced the duel Linear solenoid a week or so back. This is the first time with this code. Not sure which is which from the info above. If I replaced the one on the top of the transmission, which is the other one to change? 2002 EX

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