Inner tie rod replacement

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Thread: Inner tie rod replacement

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    Sep 2010

    Inner tie rod replacement

    Anyone here have any experience on tie rods specifically for 95 honda ody? I checked the DIY sticky video but it was for a Ford explorer. Can I use wrenches instead of the tie rod tool?

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    I helped my neighbour replace the tie rods on his '95 Odyssey a few years ago. We used a tie rod removal tool so I'm not sure if you could accomplish the job with just wrenches

    Anyway, here's the procedure on replacing the inner tie rod ends:

    1) Raise and safely support the vehicle.

    2) Remove the front wheel/tire assembly.

    3) Clean the steering rod between the steering boot and outer tie rod end lock nut with a suitable penetrating lubricant and a clean cloth or shop towel.

    4) Loosen the outer tie rod end locking nut 1/8 turn.

    5) Loosen the steering boot clamp(s), and slide the small clamp off the boot.

    6) Carefully loosen the boot and slide outward off the steering rack and onto the shaft to expose the inner steering rod mounting fastener.

    7) If necessary, position the inner steering rack shaft in or out to allow for additional access.

    8) Relieve the steering rod nut locking tab from the inner steering rack shaft, then loosen the steering rod ball socket nut 1 turn.

    9) Matchmark the tie rod end to the threaded shaft.

    10) Remove the cotter key and castle nut from the outer tie rod end threaded spindle, and using a tie rod end removal tool, remove the tie rod from the steering knuckle.

    11) Hold the tie rod with a wrench, and remove the outer tie rod end from the threaded rod, counting the number of complete turns it takes to remove the tie rod end from the shaft. Write the number of turns on a piece of note paper.

    12) Remove the tie rod end lock nut from the threaded steering shaft.

    13) Slide the steering rack boot off the shaft.

    14) Remove the inner steering rod ball socket nut from the inner steering rack shaft.

    To install:

    1) Inspect the tie rod end for looseness, and the steering rack boot and tie rod end boot for cracks deterioration or damage and replace as necessary.

    2) Clean steering rack shaft and apply a light coating of Genuine Honda Power steering fluid as necessary.

    3) Apply a medium strength locking agent to the threads where the inner steering rod ball socket mounts. Use a new locking washer and a new stop washer, and install the inner tie rod onto the steering rack shaft.

    4) Tighten the inner tie rod end fastener by 58 ft. lbs. (78 Nm)

    5) Peen the lock washer over the nut or onto the flat surface of the steering rack shaft.

    6) Apply silicone grease to the outer circumference of the inner tie rod end ball socket, and onto the groove just outside of the socket.

    7) Apply silicone grease to the inside of the small end of the steering rack boot, and slide the boot over the steering shaft and onto the rack and install the boot clamps. If the boot has air hose fittings make sure they are installed as removed.

    8) Apply a light film of an anti-seize compound onto the threaded tie rod end, and install the tie rod end lock nut.

    9) Install the tie rod end onto the tie rod, turning it in exactly the number of turns it took to remove it.

    10) Install the tie rod end following the tie rod end installation procedure.

    11) The balance of installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

    12) Check the front end alignment and adjust as necessary.

    *knuckle/tie rod diagram courtesy of hondapartsnow; all rights reserved
    "Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand. " -Homer Simpson Hidden Content

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    Printed this page. Thank you very much good sir. I'll be doing this job wednesday and this write up will help alots..thanks again

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    san diego

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing.

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    Anybody replace the inner tie rod on an 02 Ody yet? I bought everything at Autozone and later found out that their loaner inner tie rod removal tool was not big enought to accommodate our Ody van (looks like a size 36 mm crowfoot is needed). I'm hoping Advance Auto Parts has a big enough tool or maybe Lisle has a cheap (under $100) tool. Anyway, please let me know where you got your tool for this job. There's no way I'm taking this job to a shop. I've got air tools already and besides this job doesn't look that tough - once you have the right tools.
    Omar E. Villa

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