Replacing CV Boot or Axle

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Thread: Replacing CV Boot or Axle

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    Mar 2004

    Replacing CV Boot or Axle

    Hi all,

    I need to repair both CV boots (or just replace the axles) on my '96 Odyssey. I looked at what it would take to get to the boots and/or axles and it looks like pretty much every thing attached to the steering knuckle has to come off (including the coil/strut). Is this correct? I've replaced axles on cars before, but I want to know whether this is one that is worth the hassle or better left to a shop.

    1. Has anyone replaced front axles or CV Boots themselves who could give me some advice?

    2. Should I get a manual for this? If so, which one (factory, chilton, etc)?


    Chris Warren

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    Jun 2003

    Replacing boots

    I would say it boils down to how much is your time worth? I've replaced the boots on two Civics and an Integra, but had the local shop replace the axles on my current Accord with 165,000 mi. Thank goodness the $169 each price included lifetime replacement because after a week, one "popped out". Shop replaced both with no questions. I could have purchased axles at national chain for $69 each, but would have had to install them myself.

    The boots can be done with minor difficulties, as long as you have the time and tools. Haynes manual was sufficient to do the job. Marking, scribing or painting registration marks is highly recommended to facilitate reassembly. A snap ring tool would have made my job a lot easier.

    Good luck.

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    If you don't have the proper tools, don't even bother. With the right tools you can have both shafts on the bench in less than 1/2 an hour. remove wheels, axle nut (36mm) cotter pin on lower ball joint and the ball joint nut (17mm) if you don't have the ball joint separater you can just hammer the lower arm until the ball joint separates. Separate the axle from the hub and slip a pry bar between the tranny and the inner joint, give it a quick push and it will come out (careful not to damage the diff seal) the inner joint should slip through the wishbone and out it comes.

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    Jul 2003
    okay. so, I'm debating... is it REALLY a pain to replace the axles? One of my CV boots just split. So, I'm thinking I should just get a reman axle. That should include both the inner, outer boots, AND the axle right? oh and do I need to replace both the left and right axles at the same time (similar to tires)? thanks for the advice in advance...
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    You don't have to replace them both at the same time, but I would. It's much better to repace the whole thing then just fix the boot, trust me, I went through that on my accord. And yes, the remanufactured axle comes with everthing from spindle to spindle.
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    team bakuretsu lemon
    i replaced the cv boots on mine
    i took it to my stealership to get them to replace it. took them an entire day to do and it cost me a pretty penny

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    Sep 2004
    Mount Airy, MD USA
    I went through this last winter. Replacing the axles was straightforward and cost under $200. I summarized my experience in this thread.
    1995 Odyssey EX 6-seater (sold after 14 years of faithful service!)

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