How many miles before first oil change?

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Poll: How many miles before the first oil change?

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Thread: How many miles before first oil change?

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    May 2002

    How many miles before first oil change?

    How many miles did you (or do you plan to) put on your Ody before its first oil change?
    Barb D

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    Feb 2002
    North Florida USA
    I've always followed the 3750 miles oil change even though I dont' consider we have a "severe driving condition" here in Florida. I just wanted to always have an oil change in between the regular 7500 miles service.
    '02 Odyssey EX Redrock Pearl
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    Jul 2001
    Arcadia, CA
    5K miles. 3750 miles too soon, 7500 miles too long. Every 5k miles easy to remember. Never had engine problem for all my cars. BTW, 02 Civic says 5K for severe and 10K for normal driving condition.
    '01 GG EX 87 k miles
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    Sep 2001
    Easley, SC 29642 USA

    Red face Oil C hange Interval - Why

    I have stated my views on this before. I do my own maintence with 3 vehicles. I use 5000 on all with synthetic oil. At this time I check all, rotate tires, grease, change necessary filters. I can keep up with a 5M figure easily with out worry of skiping.

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    Registered User PipeMajor's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Twin Cities, MN


    For the very 1st oil change I'd dump it @ 3k. With a new engine there is likely to be lots of metal particles being polished off to a broken-in state.

    For my regular maintenance, I typically go with 5K intervals. The factory schedule says 7.5k, the service people say 3k so I compromise with 5k or at least 3 times a year - sometimes 4 depending of driving conditions. I'm only putting 9k/year on both my vehicles ('91 Mazda P/U and a '92 Camry).

    An oil change is the cheapest maintenance you can do.

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    3K for all oil changes. It's cheap maintenance like stated previously, especially for DIYers like myself.

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    Nov 2001
    3750 - 4000 miles. When you do it yourself the cost isn't really that bad and I feel I am helping keep the engine in tip top running condition.
    2002 EP EX

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    Registered User Demonio71's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Here is an idea for you brainiacs:

    Michigan is considered as having "severe" driving conditions because of the cold weather, but,

    if the van was purchased in May 2002, it has not seen its first winter, nor reached the 7,500 mile mark. So, as far as the engine 'knows', it is driving in, say San Fran, so it is not severe yet, until it sees its first cold winter...then you can move to the shorter oil change interval and keep at it for the remainder of the van's life...

    makes sense, eh?

    the key question on the oil change is:
    Which is cheaper: the oil change or the marriage counselor to settle chattered egos due to broken childhood expectations? Go with the cheaper one: change the oil, then.

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    Registered User mbemboom's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    I changed the oil just after 2000 miles because we'd had the van for four months and that seemed long enough. I also wanted to get Mobile-1 5W30 in it as soon as possible.

    2002 GG EX w/splashguards, cargo tray, air deflector.
    2005 Victory Red Chevy Colorado crew cab 4x4 Z71 w/sunroof. Cragar soft 8 15 x 8.

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    Registered User chris 02's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    philly burbs
    I change the oil at 3750 under protest because I usually did all my other vehicles at 3000. But the owners book states not to change the oil earlier then what is shown in the manual so if something happens between now and my 7/75000 warranty they will surely eat the cost of thier screw up!
    2002 EX Mesa Biege,Weathertech Bug Shield,Weatherflectors,Cargo tray & Cover,Fog Lights,Kelton Sub,Seat Covers, I-VES system,Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Mud Flaps,Zaino'd, Odyclub decal, Donnelly mirror w/temp/comp,K & N Air Filter
    2004 Toyota Camry LE- V6

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    Registered User nwf_snake's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    Madison, AL, USA
    The dealer recommended the first change at 3750, but we took two vacations with lots of highway miles so I waited till we got back. Had a little over 5,000 miles at that time. At 10K, I plan to switch to Mobil 1 (Deal with it, and just don't go there! You KNOW what I mean!)
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    Originally posted by nwf_snake
    At 10K, I plan to switch to Mobil 1 (Deal with it, and just don't go there! You KNOW what I mean!)
    Yeah but it has been a while...Never mind !

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    Aug 2002
    Alexandria, La.


    Hey Guy's,

    I do all of my own routine maintenance. I changed the oil the first time at 607 miles. I was shooting for somewhere around 500. I believe as the engine "wears in" during the first few hundred miles, the oil and filter need to be changed early to flush out all of the engine wear particles, especially the ones too small to be removed by the filter! I will change it again around 1500 miles using a high quality conventional oil and filter. At 3000 miles I'll drain it and start using Amsoil 0w-30 Synthetic and an Amsoil SDF Filter. Thereafter I will change the filter at 6 month intervals (or 10,000 miles) and top off the oil, and do a complete change once a year (or 20,000 miles). That ought to do it! Think about it: You only get 1 chance to break it in right!


    02' EX-L / RedRock Pearl / Gray Quartz Leather / Cargo Tray / Mud Flaps / Anti-Theft Lugs

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    Apr 2002
    Northern California

    oil change

    about every 5000.

    its about the right interval between the 3000 miles and 7500 miles suggested. Besides, I like an easy number to remember for all 3 cars I drive! I have always used this interval. All of the cars I have owned as new have all gone over 200,000 miles. An 81' Mazda 626 (totaled in a car crash at just over 200k, but was going strong) a 91' Ford Explorer (which replaced the Mazda) with almost 300,000 miles now and still going strong. My 97' Civic has about 130,000 now and I expect it to do much better than the Explorer!

    Oh, my 02' Ody has about 3000 miles today.

    Does the synthetic oil really make any difference and is it worth it?

    Last edited by GreenTiger; 09-12-2002 at 03:08 AM.
    2002 Redrock Pearl Honda Odyssey EX-L

    After attending my first NorCal Ody Meet, I realize I have a long way to go before I can say my Ody has been modded ... in fact, it's practically NAKED in comparison! Thanks alot guys! (Dunno if that's good or bad yet!)

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    Sep 2002
    Do we have any solid evidence that the first oil change has to be 3,750 miles or more so that the engine can benefit from whatever mysterious bonding chemicals that Honda has put in at the factory?

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