How much to pay for 60000 mile service

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Thread: How much to pay for 60000 mile service

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    How much to pay for 60000 mile service

    Any ideas on how much a 60000 mile service should cost on a 2007 Odyssey E-XL?

    The wife took ours to the dealership (against my advice) and came back with a bill for $435. When I look at the costs on things, I'm getting the feeling that we got screwed (just like I told her).

    Air filter for the cabin $46.81 - part only. This is higher than MSRP.
    Air filter $33.11- part only, once again higher than MSRP.

    There is $231.98 in labor charges.....really? They changed 2 air filters, oil change, replaced transmission fuild and brake fluid. This with the inspection of other parts in $230 in labor

    Then there is the $50 in admin and ship fees.

    Am I over reacting or did we get hosed?

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    Here are the rules.

    Rule #1. Never send the wife to the dealership
    Rule #2. Follow Rule #1.

    You could have done both filters yourself for chump change (less than what you paid for the Admin fee). Nuff said.
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    pgrogan, Hosed might be too strong a word. Yeah, you paid too much just like all of their other customers, but now you have learned that a la carte (or DIY) is the way to go. At least with the transmission fluid change, you may have some goodwill with them if and when your transmission needs to be replaced. Wish I had better news for you. You can learn a lot from this forum if you go DIY. Tom

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    i just got service A3 done at similar mileage and paid $96 with taxes and no air filter for the cabin.
    private mechanic
    the dealer wanted more and check this, they wanted 130bucks to replace a piece that cost 10bucks.... that dealer will never see me again unless it is for warranty services
    06 ody ex-l here

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