08 Odyssey cylinder 3 misfire

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Thread: 08 Odyssey cylinder 3 misfire

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    08 Odyssey cylinder 3 misfire

    Ok so I've searched the site and found a few threads regarding this issue. My friends ody is giving her troubles, check engine came on and threw a code "cylinder 3 misfire"

    My first approach is going to be to replace the spark plugs. My only issue, on this V6 2008 odyssey, which cylinder is cylinder 3? Is there any information that may identify the cylinder numbers so I know which plug is the problem child.

    Also, autozone provided me with a bosch plug last night(were out of ngks) and I was going to just change 1 plug to get my friend back onthe road, and change the rest over the weekend.... however it doesn't seem that the plugs that are in the van are the standard 14mil. The bosch plug is too large in diameter to thread into the block, and I'm pretty sure it is 14mil, I'm a newb when it comes to hondas but I've worked with cars inthe past and something just isn't right. Anybody ever seen this issue?

    Help would be greatly appreciated, she has a very important job and 3 children, and she needs this van on the road.

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    Here is all you need in the following thread. Disregard the first posting by Giewont on cylinder numbering as he corrects himself in a later post. Stick with OEM NGK spark plugs and NOT Bosch.

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    ok my ask is why are you trouble shooting a 2008 misfire number 3 cylinder/ Is the Vehicle out of it 100 00 kilometer 60 000 mile major component warranty? The engine is covered by this. What has the local dealer determined? If they have three children and an important job then they need to resolve quickly. I have three children and an important job too. However i would take this issue to my dealer for first response before I would look to resolve this issue myself. I have a 2007 Odyssey with 146 000 kilometers.. 91 000 miles. We would like to know the answer before we ask the question. However with the importance you suggest we should give the dealer the first opportunity to resolve especially if its still under warranty. If its not under warranty then paying the dealer to diagnose is a good starting point. Bring the results to the forum for discussion. Kind regards.

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    Like New Dad said, you should stick with NGK plugs. I've read of too many random misfire nightmares cause by Bosch plugs, however their O2 sensors and the likes are fine.

    If that #3 is misfiring continuously (which would give a *FLASHING* check engine light), the owner needs to stop driving the van until it can be addressed. Excessive unburnt fuel-loading to the catalytic converters can lead to costly disaster.

    Could be as simple as the coil not being seated properly on #3. You could swap coils with another cyl to see if the problem follows the coil.

    Yes, a full dealer work-over would get it solved for you, but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of your post- and there's no way this would get fixed cost free from a Honda dealership being a 2008. Trust me. 60Kmi warranty or not, there will be cost to it.

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    If it is under warranty, I would take it to the dealership to find out.

    Mine is still in the shop, they did pressure check, came back with Cylinder #2 at lower pressure than other cyliner...

    Long story short, I am getting a used engine replacement now from Honda. Hope to get my van back this week.

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