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Thread: Power Steering Fluid change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbh View Post
    I have now done three drain fill cycles and have turned the wheel lock to lock at least twenty times between drains and I am still getting some whine. Are you suggesting that there is a persistent air leak somewhere still?
    Yup, they can be tricky, it's always a PITA to disrupt even the remote reservoir supply line on the P/S systems on these vehicles. I would check to make sure your clamp is tight, or if the supply line from the reservoir is hard & dry, see if you have enough slack to cut the hardened part off and reclamp with the fresher area.

    Also, make sure there's no cracks or holes in the supply line from bending the hose out of the way, very common thing to have happen.

    For a graphic representation of what I'm talking about. Get a coke at McDonalds, poke a tiny pinhole in it anywhere along the length of the straw above the soft drink line, try to suck through the straw.
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    If the O ring on the power steering pump inlet was black then you need ro replace it with a red one (new honda part no. 91345rda-a01, the old one is letting air be sucked into the system, there is a video on Utube that shows the procedure

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    Have not done a flush on present Oddy, but have done several the following way when the reservoir is a remote flow thru type like in these Honda's

    Its a 2 person job, the 2nd person starts car, turns wheels left to right and back, then shuts the car off when prompted.

    Remove the return line from the reservoir and plug the reservoir so fluid dont leak out. extend the return line and let it dump, empty to an old gallon jug of some sort. when the vehicle is started it will pump old excess fluid into gallon jug

    Fill the reservoir with clean fluid such that it does not go dry, this will prevent and AIR from evtering the system.

    Usually you need 3-4 litres/quarts to do a good flush

    This system works better than any flush machine where a remote reservoir is present


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    Any suggestions on fluid to use? I plan to do this in a couple weeks when I do the timing belt and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shlunky View Post
    Any suggestions on fluid to use? I plan to do this in a couple weeks when I do the timing belt and such.

    +1. Need suggestions. I have seen Prestone PS Fluid for Honda/Acura vehicles at the local Wally World. IIRC it was about $3 or so for a bottle of 12 Fl Oz. Did see some verbiage about the same fluid on this forum but not extensive agreement on if that fluid is good or not.

    Any recent PS Flush folks want to chime in and post what fluid they used?
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    re: Turkey Baster.. careful not to puncture the 'thin plastic strainer' built into the bottom of the reservoir..
    as for the folks saying .. "Honda doesn't tell me to ever change it, so I won't"... ahhhhh, excuse me? if it's old, smelly and dirty.. they won't tell you to change your 'socks' either.. plz, change it.
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