sunroof leak

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Thread: sunroof leak

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    brainerd minnesota

    sunroof leak

    We went through a car wash last evening and a minimal amount of water came in around the sunroof. Is there an adjustment I can do or do I need to have the dealer correct the problem?

    Touring Odyssey

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    This is normal, especially if they use jet streams to rinse the car. The seal around the sunroof is design to hold only up to some amount of water pressure. That is why there are water channels around the inside of the sunroof, with 2 drainage pipes.

    EDIT: You might want to check if the sunroof's glass is flush and aligned to the roof.

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    Yeah, we've seen the same under the high pressure jet rinse in our car wash. I usually just try to remember to close the inner lid of the sun roof before the rinse cycle.

    To alexmish's point, no rain storm is ever going to hit your roof with the force of a high-pressure water jet at 2-foot range. (at least let's HOPE not!!)

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    Help... I just went through a car wash in my brand new Odyssey (100 miles), and boy did we have a leak... Went home, and cuased the same issue with my garden hose (but nearly not as much)... I checked and the glass, seal are flush with the roof...

    I had water dripping from the front of the headliner onto my wife sitting in the passenger seat... This can't be normal is it? If there were drains, why drain on the front seat passenger???

    What should i do? Any suggestions, before I call the dealer on Monday...

    Frustrated with my $35K on something that leaks like this...

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    New York
    If you have a sunroof leak when going through a car wash I would definitely demand it be fixed. It might be as simple as a clogged drainage tube.

    I've had four cars over the past 18 years, all with sunroofs, and none have EVER leaked, even in a car wash. I wouldn't accept it in my Ody for sure (haven't brought it through a car wash yet so I can't comment on how well mine holds up).

    Best of luck!
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    Have had mine through a touchless carwash and no problems. Sounds like something is wrong.

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    Originally posted by kph3
    Have had mine through a touchless carwash and no problems. Sounds like something is wrong.
    It is not normal for the moon roof to leak in to the cabin area even in a car wash.
    What does get past the seal should stay in the rain channels and then drain to the outside.
    Either there is a problem with the seal, the sunroof is not closed or not closing tight or one of the drains are clugged up.
    If you have water getting in to the cabin and you are sure that the moon roof is closed tight then you should see your dealer right away.
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    Springfield, IL
    I have had this same problem on a Chrysler T&C...I had hoped Honda would've solved this sort of thing...alas...

    Anyway, on mine, it's the drains in the front corners. Apparently they clog with silt or whatever; and, to complicate things, as they make their way down the A pillar the pipes bend pretty tightly causing even more of a clog. My dealer has tried to correct the problem twice, pulling the headliner to survey the pipe runs...yadda yadda...and they still clog.

    So, what I've taken to doing is periodically blowing my two front drains clear with a steam nozzle. With the glass open, you can poke your head up there and see the drain holes (I'd think the Honda would be similiar). Usually there's a bit of standing water, and when you get 'em clear, you can see the dripping water come out beneath the the area of the front wheel wells.

    Now my van sits outside almost all the time; and, I've been known to leave my roof open alot, letting leaves and misc. tree foliage gather, obviously adding to the problem...BUT, c'mon, this sort of thing shouldn't be a common occurance on a luxury level vehicle.
    No matter where you go, there you are.

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