Should TPMS dash light come on when tire punctured on 08 Ody?

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Thread: Should TPMS dash light come on when tire punctured on 08 Ody?

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    Question Should TPMS dash light come on when tire punctured on 08 Ody?

    I had a flat tire from a razor blade in my rear passenger side tire. I do not know when or how it happened. I got in the car after shopping and it sounded funny so I pulled over and the tire was flat. Brought it to be repaired and it could not be repaired according to the shop because a razor blade was in the tire. The TPMS dash light never came on. I thought the reason for the TPMS dash light was to warn of punctured tire.

    I have also had other intermittent electrical problems like windows rolling down without anyone holding the remote and the key in drivers door turned and held counter clockwise will not roll them up but the van has to be started to roll them up. This seems to happen in batches - several times in a span of a couple of days. It then goes a long long time before it happens again. Also sometimes the lights flashing and horn sounding when locking the car and sometimes not.

    It is a 2008 Honda Odyssey.


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    The TPMS light should definitely have come on. I had a puncture earlier this summer. Tire went completely flat and the light came on.

    As for the other electrical problems, do they happen after its been raining or something?
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    I never got back to the question. Sorry. So what does it mean that it did not come on? I kind of forgot I asked this question in Sept. I got to thinking about it again when the cold weather came and the TPMS did not come on like it did last winter when it got cold one night. Then the light went out after driving a bit.

    As far as the other electrical problems there seems to be no rhyme or reason when they happen. But after we got the new tires installed the battery kept going dead if we didn't drive it for a couple of days and we finally got a new battery because the shop could find nothing wrong except the battery would not fully charge to 100%. We have had the new battery (Walmart's best) November 12, 2016 and now less than 2 months later it is doing it again. It sits in our driveway now with a dead battery.

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    You can try to experiment and perform this procedure on all 4 tires individually one at a time:
    1. make sure all tires are inflated to proper recommended pressure (my 05 is 35psi)
    2. deflate one tire manually to around 20psi
    3. carefully drive around and make sure tpms light comes on.
    4. repeat for all 4 tires.

    I am not sure how Odyssey handles bad tpms sensors. Sensors have batteries that will eventually die and require replacement.
    It could be that this specific sensor is dead.
    The engineer in me says this should not work that way and once sensor signal is lost TPMS light should be triggered, but who knows.
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    If I recall you haven't had this vehicle since new, correct? It makes me wonder if someone disabled the lights because they didn't want to spend the money to fix it right.

    Run the self diagnostic and make sure all the lights blink properly.

    Should TPMS dash light come on when tire punctured on 08 Ody?-screenshot-2017-01-12-17.20.06.jpg
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