gathered five of the most significant utility vehicles for the 2017 model year for our annual Utility Vehicle of the Year evaluations. This year, our contenders are the Kia Sportage, Jaguar F-Pace, GMC Acadia, Audi Q7 and Honda CR-V. There was no hard price cap on this year’s entrants, but we tried to make sure none of them were extravagantly priced. We will release a new video on each contender every day leading up to April 13, when we announce our winner. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Car of the Year and Truck of the Year series.

The Honda CR-V may be a staple of the compact crossover segment, but it’s not one of’s Utility of the Year finalist simply out of respect. It deserves to be here.

Like virtually every other version of the CR-V since its introduction back in 1997, there’s nothing sexy about this new version. And like all its predecessors over the past 20 years, that will do nothing to hinder sales. What you see is what you get with Honda’s compact crossover, and this time around, what you see is a well-rounded package that has been improved on all fronts in a bid to keep the CR-V atop this increasingly competitive heap.
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