I have no idea what this problem is

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Thread: I have no idea what this problem is

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    Unhappy I have no idea what this problem is

    I have this weird problem similar to the idleing problem that frock is experiencing on his 2002 Ody. however my RPM gauge is very unstable. at times the rpm is normal having the proper amount of rpms given to the throttle. but whenever I seem to go uphill or down hill I get a RPM malfunction. this happens around 20-40 MPH and my RPM jump from its 2500RPM to 4500RPM. I took it in to Honda twice already and they tryed to fix it but I reall doubt they did. What do you think the problem is. It sucks to have a car not being ready to use.
    2002 Evergreen pearl ody
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    Do you believe the tachometer is not showing the actual engine speed, or do you believe the engine speed is changing when it should not be?

    I hope you do understand how a transmission works and the fact that the RPM of the engine will jump up or down when the transmission shifts. When you are going up or down hill, the transmission is likely to shift to a lower gear, allowing the engine to run faster for a given vehicle speed. In an automatic transmission, you have less relationship between the accelerator pedal and the engine speed than you do in a manual transmission. Engine speed will change when the transmission shifts and you hold your foot steady on the throttle.

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    Kind of sounds normal to me. try going up/down the same hill with the transmission in D3. You'll have a higher RPM, but it should stay constant.

    2003 EX-L RES SS

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    My four-speed transmission causes a lot of rpm fluctuation on hills. On the uphill, the converter will unlock, causing a jump in rpm and, should the hill be steep enough, the very sensitive (great feature, by the way) part-throttle downshift will cause another jump. One the downhill side, the trans. can automatically drop a gear (grade logic feature), causing the ol' tach needle to swing again. What you describe could be normal.

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