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Thread: Reserve Fuel Tank Capacity

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    Aug 2003
    My second tank was slightly better (no dealer/car rental fill up issue). I did mostly highway (about 70%) and kept the AC off most of the time. The low gas warning light came on at 265 miles this time (versus 220 the first tank). Filled at 287 miles since last fill-up (see below) with 17 gallons, for a 16.9 mpg average this tank. This is still below the 18 mpg city for mostly highway driving, and way below the 25 mpg highway estimate. Also, kept acceleration below 3000 rpm all the time and below 2000 rpm most of the time. Avoided speeding up/tail gating/braking often, and used cruise control for highway driving.

    Using 87 octane for now. May think about higher octane experiment later. Anyone have any additional suggestions?

    Anyone with a longer driving history do any AC experiements or comparisons (winter versus summer) on the fuel efficiency?

    Some of the boards mention 2002 Odysseys with similar low mileage reports, but seems that the 2003 Odysseys have many more complaints. Aside from normal variances, software/emmision programming, or failed components/other defects, could the origin of the car or some components have something to with this?

    FYI, my Odyssey was assembled in Lincoln, AL, Engine: USA, Transmission: Japan.

    Didn't Honda shift a lot of Odyssey production from Canada to US sometime in 2002? Were most of the engines from the US? Is there more than one plant? If you have a non-US assembled Odyssey or engine, please report your mileage experience.

    Here's some additional data

    Also check out this thread
    13.9 mpg is normal?

    Originally posted by macosx
    Just got back from the gas station at 260 miles, filled up with 19 gallons (that was $40 for the tank!?!). That's a disappointing 13.7 mpg!?! It also means that the low gas warning light came on with about 4 gallons left in the tank. Although a little high, with the low milage, it seems acceptable. Now what to do with the low milage? I'll see how it does with mostly highway driving and see if turning off the AC will help.

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    Fuel warning lamp

    My 02 Ody low fuel warning lammp is very consistent and I never get more than 14 gallons in it. It is very annoying. Pitiful for a vehicle as new as this.

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    May 2003
    Fountain Valley, CA
    As with VEW, 14 gallons is what my Oddy takes when the light comes on and the gas pump clicks off by itself. I topped off once and it took almost another gallon if I remember right.

    2003 EX-L Nav

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    Sep 2003
    Seymour, WI
    We have a'03 with 2K and the light comes on with the needle about 1/4 inch above E. First tank I was a little cautious and filled shortly after light came on(4.8 gal.) Now light comes on around 330-350 miles and we fill up around 380-400. (16-17 gallons) So we are happy with 23-25 MPG. Can't wait to see if milage gets better!

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    It's a pity that Honda can't do better. After all, the automobile industry mastered the art of gauging fuel over 30 years ago, and it is considered a "no-brainer" by most automotive engineering folks. Honda just plain "screwed up" and refuses to fix the problem they "engineered" into this generation of the Odyssey.

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