OK, I've been reading about this for the last hour and I'm more confused than when I started! I'm pretty knowledgeable about under the hood stuff, but only know the basics of suspension systems. So, I thought I'd try giving specifics and see if someone can help. Here's the story-

--Groaning/squeak from driver's rear (about 98% sure on the location) when going over bumps, even small ones
--Took it to my shop; he sprayed lubricant up into the shock area (near the vertical spring, from what I could tell)
--Not a peep for about 2 weeks; I was one happy mama.
--Now the sound is back- grrrr!
--Random info: manually "bouncing" car doesn't cause a continual motion like I'd expect with bad suspension. I think the ride is a bit rougher, however, hubby says he can't tell any difference. He thinks maybe I'm just thinking I feel it so I can get some new parts for Sylvie (my Ody) because I tend to baby her and I'm determined to get at least 200K outta her...which leads me to sometimes err too much on the side of caution. (My only comparison is to the Hyundai Elantra I used to drive- shock(s) went and ride was like a horse and buggy...so bad I had trouble steering, and this is nothing at all like that...not even close!)
--Repair guy says he can replace for me, of course, and it's not a big $$ item since he lets me bring in my own parts, and is very fair on labor. However, I'm wondering if a grease gun could solve this problem...?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks .