How long does it take for the CEL to be ok after reset

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Thread: How long does it take for the CEL to be ok after reset

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    How long does it take for the CEL to be ok after reset

    The manual doesn't say, other than 3 start/stop cycles for it to reset after being on for the gas cap. But how soon after removing the battery cable to clear the dreaded p0420 low converter efficiency can I take it for inspection? I think I heard 200 miles somewhere. Plan B if the darn thing comes back on like I think it will is to buy a cheapo $100 converter and get it installed at a Midas or something. Here's a paste form the NJ State Inspection website:
    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    If my “Check Engine” light is not on, will I automatically pass the OBD test?

    No. Occasionally, a vehicle may fail the OBD test, even when its “Check Engine” light is not on.

    One of the primary reasons may be if recent electrical work or problems with the vehicle have caused the OBD computer to reset. In this case, you may not have emissions problems but your OBD system will not be readable by the inspection equipment until after you have driven your vehicle for a certain amount of time. If you have recently had your battery replaced or disconnected while your vehicle was being serviced, ask your repair technician and/or consult the owner’s manual to determine if your vehicle will be ready for inspection.

    Also, very rarely your OBD system may indicate a problem but your “Check Engine” light may have burned out.

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    Depending on your driving habits it could take a week or more for all the drive cycle monitors to get set. Some take several cold start and driving for periods of time to set the tests. The only sure way to tell is to check them with an OBDII testor when you are ready to have it tested.......
    2004 EX Odyssey.
    All posts made by me are in reference to the gen 2 Odyssey.

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    This source says 40 warm-up cycles - I still need to find the specifics on our van to see if that applies.

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    I have had P0420 reset and had all test completed within 3 to 4 trips in single day but sometimes I can be unlucky and it will trigger again within 40 miles.

    Some state need NOT_ALL on board monitors to be completed i.e. if one is incomplete, it is OK.
    In Mass, you can pass if one on-board test is still incomplete.

    If you are fighting with P0420, then you need to have the OBD scanner. I am personally going to be get the O2 simulator before my next inspection.

    - Vikas

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