Oil Pump Gasket Leak - serious?

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Thread: Oil Pump Gasket Leak - serious?

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    Question Oil Pump Gasket Leak - serious?

    My wife took our 2000 Ody with 155K miles in for service, and the dealer said that the oil pump gasket was leaking, from behind the timing cover in front of the oil pan.

    We have not noticed any leaks on the garage floor, and we are used to Volvos whose seals are forever leaking like sieves.

    Since this is an expensive fix ($3.57 for the part, $866.00 for labor and enviro fees), can this safely wait until it gets worse?

    On a different subject, anyone know of a good independent Honda mechanic in the NE metro Atlanta area?

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    OK, if in fact it is leaking, then the danger is oil getting on the timing belt. And the good thing is you can inspect it through the covers on the upper portion of the motor. If the leak is minor and only seepage, monitoring of it is imperative if it gets worse.

    I'd get a 2nd opinion though for cost comparison.

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    I would consider another opinion too.

    Thinking out loud here but, how did they determine what seal/gasket was leaking without removing the timing belt cover? There are other possibilities of oil leaks.

    It would be nice to coincide this repair, if needed, with the next timing belt replacement to save on labour.
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    I've had a minor oil leak for at least two years. The oil will be down about a quart between oil changes (every 4K miles). Oil drops on the garage floor but it's not very much.

    I was in for service for an unrelated item, and the Honda dealer mentioned that the oil pressure switch was leaking. Since this was a reasonably inexpensive fix (about $80), I had them do it. The leak was still there unfortunately.

    After further analysis, the Honda dealer determined that the oil pump needs to be replaced. Since this is about a $900 cost, I'm not sure if I want to do this.

    The car is a 2002 with about 190K miles. I'm OK with the oil going down a quart every 4000 miles and some leakage on the garage floor. Should I be concerned that this leak could lead to a catastrophic leak (i.e. stranding me somewhere). I've had this leak for about 2 - 3 years, but who knows if some of that was due to the oil pressure switch (which is no longer leaking).

    Is the oil pump a reasonable source for the leak? Can I just keep watching the leak and not do anything about it?


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    seem many odyssey and accord with this problem. all 150,000 miles plus. timing belt, oil pan, oil pickup and then pump comes off.
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