Condensation in head light

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Thread: Condensation in head light

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    Condensation in head light

    I have condensation in my right head light causing premature lamp failure. Is there a cheap way to repair the seal so I do not have to purchase a new assembly?

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    What year is your Ody?

    Moisture inside the assembly can come from either a water leak, or a plugged vent. You need to figure out which is the case.

    One other option I have used on older cars over the years is to drill a small (approx 1/8" diameter) drain/vent hole somewhere along the lower corner of the lens. This is a last resort however.
    2001 Odyssey EX 206K miles, 99K on the 3rd tranny, now running Dex III ATF with Lubegard Friction Modifier (black bottle)

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    Thanks for the reply. I have a '03 and I will look for either issue. If I have a water leak wouldn't I have something noticeably broken?

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    I can't find them anymore, but some companies used to sell repair kits. It required the following:

    1. You remove the headlamp assembly, pull out the bulb, then put the assembly into the oven, gently heat it up. Don't go crazy with the heat and melt it.
    2. Pull the halves apart (back half holds the bulb and attachment points, front half is the transparency).
    3. Put fresh sealant on the back half, warm it all up.
    4. Join the warm halves together.
    5. Let it cool.
    6. Re-install.

    I remember seeing these kits only a couple years ago, but it appears they are no longer on the market. One of your local body shop guys might still have an old kit in a back room, that's really all I can think of regarding repair options.

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    Here's a post from the '95-'98 forum for DIY clear corner conversion, should work the same for the headlight. Of course, steps 4-6 don't apply since it's about modifying the corner lamp! And you need to do what's appropriate in step 1 to remove your headlight.
    Originally posted by Ka24deturbo
    I wish I had some pictures but this is simple. If you know how to take the OEM corner light off then you can do this. I'd have pictures but I don't have my digital camera.

    Tools needed: Phillips Screw Driver, Flat head Screw Driver, Oven, & Oven gloves.

    Step 1. Remove OEM corner light by removing the only visible screw that connects the corner light to the chassis. (You might have to pull a little hard to get it off.)

    Step 2. Twist and remove the bulb from the assembly. You should now be holding the corner lamp in your hands.

    Step 3. Put one corner lamp face up on a baking sheet and set the oven to 300 degrees. Let it sit in there for about 5 mins. Watch it the whole time because oven settings are all different. This will allow the silicone lining to soften.

    Step 4. Remove from over and begin carefully prying it open. This shouldn't take more than a few seconds but be careful.

    Step 5. Using a flat head screw driver remove the side reflector (See Image). Should easily come off.

    Step 6. Using a phillips screw driver remove the screw that attaches the amber bulb cover (See Image).

    Step 7 Put gray half back into over for 3 mins or so to soften the silicone lining again and when you remove it quickly put both pieces back together.

    Step 8. Reinstall

    This is the method I used to clear out my corner lights and I haven't had a problem for the past 4 years since I've done this but Follow these instructions at your own risk
    After reassembly, you might want to consider applying clear silicon around the joint, since we don't know if that was the original point of entry for the water. Good luck!
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    Previous rides:
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    86 Mazda 626

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