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Air Lift Suspension
Photos and text by Nemogira

I noticed the Odyssey used to sag when it was loaded up with heavy cargo. I was able to fix this by adding Air Lift suspensions to the rear of the van. Air Lifts are just these red rubber cylinders place in between the rear springs. When the van starts to sag all I have to do is just inflate the cylinders and the van would slowly start to raise. It comes really close to stock height. 

The instructions it comes with are very detailed. It has pictures taken from an actually Odyssey and shows you what and where to do things. The installation itself is not the easy thing in the world - but it's not impossible either. The whole thing should take about 1-2 days.

Click on image to enlarge
1jouncebumper.jpg (97677 bytes) You have to extend the springs to it's maximum length. You will see a hard black rubber cylinder - that is the  Jounce Bumper (or Bump Stop). You will need to cut this off to make room for the Air Lifts.
2removed.jpg (60868 bytes) Here's the Jounce Bumper. It's made of a VERY hard rubber. You will need a very sharp tool to cut this off.
You then need to drill a 3/4 inch hole in the lower control arm for the air tubes. Then take the airbag, compress it, and work it through the gaps in the springs.
5airvalve.jpg (50136 bytes) I drilled a small hole under the rear bumper (driver's side) for the inflation value.
equipment.jpg (29860 bytes) There's at least a thousand pounds of equipment. This includes several amps, speakers, lights, records, turntables, etc.
tailgate.jpg (29043 bytes) Notice there's no noticeable sagging. Almost reaches stock height while fully loaded.
side.jpg (25153 bytes) Side view of tire and fender space.
loaded.jpg (25824 bytes) Overall shot of the van loaded up.  

Here's the actual instructions. The only page missing is the circular template that helps you know where to drill under the control arm. Click HERE for the Adobe Acrobat file. The file size is about 3 MB.  

I purchased my kit at Currently it's $80.00 for the Air Lift 1000 kit (part# 60740). Keep in mind - this is the basic kit. There's other kits that provide the Air Lifts and an on-board compressor. For more information on Air Lifts go to:

If you have any questions email me at Good Luck!


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