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Honda Front License Plate Mount
Photos and text by Chuck Konarske

The "where and how" of the front plate mount. We're lucky in Michigan -- we don't use them anymore.

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mount.jpg (39519 bytes) Here is the front plate mount that came with my Ody, in it's original blister pack as included from the factory. Unmounted in my case because in Michigan we don't use front plates.
mount2.jpg (45316 bytes) The tabs with the holes (only one shown) are held to the front bumper by the bolts and spring nuts at "A"
mount3.jpg (41011 bytes) I rotated the pic 180 degrees to show the rear of the bracket right side up.
mount4.jpg (51838 bytes) The slots in the bumper allow room to install the spring nuts.
mount5.jpg (39996 bytes) shown a little closer here. If your dealer thinks he has to drill holes to mount the plate, find another dealer.

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