DIY F23 Intake Manifold Swap (F22B)
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Thread: DIY F23 Intake Manifold Swap (F22B)

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    DIY F23 Intake Manifold Swap (F22B)


    With ecu tuning and an H23 throttle body swap, this setup can be good for around 20whp. This swap is compatible with the F22B1 and F22B2 motors.

    First note I will not be held accountable for ANYTHING that goes wrong, ANY problems, ANY injuries, or ANY damages whatsoever. You do this entirely at your own risk.

    Comparison pictures of the F22B2 and the F23 intake manifold:
    F22B2 IM:

    F22B2 IM (bottom)/ F23 IM (top):

    I did this on the F22B2, there will likely be some differences other than those I will account for if you're doing this on the F22B1. Also note that I won't be going into detail on some things.

    Parts you will need:

    -F23 Intake Manifold (upper and lower halfs)
    -Extra vacuum hose of appropriate sizes (some vacuum fittings are in different places on this manifold)
    -Vacuum caps to cap off any extra vacuum fittings
    -IACV adapter plate (you can make it yourself but I'm not going to tell you how, but it will need to be approximately 3/4" thick for the coolant fittings on the IACV to clear the TP sensor. You may also need other bolts to attach it)
    -Approximately 3' of appropriately sized wire to extend the wires for the air temperature sensor
    -New gaskets and o-rings (not using new ones may likely cause leaks)
    -Silicone to make the gasket for the IACV adapter plate.
    -Other than that you can reuse your other parts from your car

    Tools you will need:

    -Ratchet(s) and extension(s)
    -Sockets: 10mm and 12mm
    -12mm wrench
    -Flathead screwdriver
    -Magnetic pick up tool considering dropping stuff is pretty much inevitable

    There may be some details I forgot to include and there may be some other steps you need to do to be able to complete some of these steps.

    1. Disconnect negative battery terminal.

    2. Drain the coolant from the engine block and reinstall drain plug.

    3. Remove/undo brackets attached to the underside of the intake manifold.

    4. Remove the intake pipe.

    5. Disconnect all throttle cables from the throttle body and remove the throttle cable bracket from the intake manifold.

    6. Disconnect vacuum lines from the intake manifold and throttle body.

    7. Unplug the MAP, TP, and air temperature sensor, and the IACV.

    8. Disconnect coolant lines from the IACV and FITV and remove any brackets.

    9. Remove the throttle body (held on by 2 bolts and 2 nuts).

    10. Undo ground cable from upper intake manifold and remove the upper intake manifold (held on by 3 bolts and 2 nuts).

    11. Unbolt the fuel rail from the intake manifold. Pull it out with the injectors and lay it off to the side, you don't have to remove the fuel line from it. But if you do you need to relieve fuel pressure first.

    12. Remove EGR valve.

    13. Unbolt the thermostat housing from the intake manifold (held on by 2 bolts)

    14. Remove the lower half of the intake manifold (held on by 9 nuts)

    15. Now clean the mating surfaces of all parts to be used (the head, manifold, throttle body, etc.). Clean them EXTREMELY well, I can not stress that enough. If they aren't clean things will leak.

    16. Step for doing on the F22B2 only, plug the small holes above the runners on the F23 intake manifold with silicone if that manifold has them (I have heard some don't have them). Those are for the FIA system which the F22B2 does not have. If you don't plug the holes you will have a vacuum leak.

    17. Now its time to assemble things basically in reverse order with new gaskets and o-rings using the F23 intake manifold.

    18. Extend the wires for the air temperature sensor.

    19. Install the IACV with the adapter plate, use silicone to make a gasket for it (both sides of the plate).

    20. Reroute some of the vacuum lines so that they can reach vacuum fittings on the intake manifold, you will need to use some new lines, plug any unused vacuum fittings.

    21. Throttle cable bracket mounting, the cables will not adjust enough, so you will either need to fab a custom bracket to extend it over closer or mount the bracket at an angle, you can grind a little into the bracket so that you can mount it with both bolts.

    22. Add coolant back into the system, and bleed the air out

    This is not the way you want to mount the IACV. It must be mounted the other way, which poses an issue for the coolant lines. Basically I cut them back a bit and used hose clamps.

    Had to trim the plate off on one corner a little bit for it to clear.

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    ill state
    nice write up! i will be looking into doing this
    91 honda rex
    96 honda ody

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    chandler AZ
    So I wont have to do or change anything with the thrmostat it will just bolt right up to the side of the f23 intake manifold?

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    chandler AZ
    Also a tune in itsself will add power, Any idea how much power it will add at the crank with out a tune?

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