Strut tower and chassis bracing
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Thread: Strut tower and chassis bracing

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    Strut tower and chassis bracing

    Hi everyone.

    Brief intro: I also own a Chevy Cruze, and I'm the lead admin on, another AutoGuide forum.

    We bought a 2011 Honda Odyssey, and it needs some chassis bracing. I'm looking for front strut tower bracing as well as under-body bracing.

    So far, I found this, but it seems to be made for the international RB3 Odyssey. I'm hoping to see if any of you know if all of these parts will bolt up to my 4th gen Odyssey. If so, I'd buy all of them.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Site wouldn't let me post the link in my first post. Add a www and dot to the front of this URL:

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    Wow yeah that doesn't even look close, the international Odyssey is way different than what we have. Not sure there is anything in terms of what you're looking for. I also can't quite grasp the need for additional bracing? The strut towers are really close to the firewall, there isn't much improvement to be had there. I get bracing is helpful when the strut towers are way out on their own, but the closer they are to the firewall, the stiffer they are.

    If you insist on having it, I would think AMR is the place to contact. They make some awesome parts, assuming they're still around. Being North America specific, I think we're on our own to figure out performance parts.

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    I removed those plastic covers to facilitate a strut replacement, and like bbarbulo says, the strut towers are integrated into the firewall and the windshield footer extension (about 9" of steel that runs laterally from tower to tower).

    In short, there isn't much improvement one could get with a strut brace, if any, at least none that I can see, either.

    One might look at the forward parts of the unibody that run through the left & right sides of the engine bay, but those are engineered pretty well in terms of rigidity, too...they absorb the forces of a head-on crash, but otherwise perform the duties of attachment points for the front sub-frame and, IIRC, the right side motor mount. The crash bar/bumper and front sub-frame are pretty rigid in their own right, and do a pretty good job of locking it all in place.

    You could place a slippage mark on the hood and front fender, drive aggressively through some corners, and I'll bet it stays in one piece.

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