So over the years, I couldn't find much of any information about this subject or people try to just avoid this.

I'm planning on turbocharging my 2004 Odyssey mainly because I don't really have much to loose on it. Yeah it sounds funny than a teenager wants to modify a minivan but I'm dead serious. Going through the electrical system, it shouldn't be hard to splice in a AEM F/I controller. I'm not really worried about the electrical because the entire harness is duct tape special. I'm going to keep the automatic transmission which is a entire death wish .

For the engine, I'm planning on doing a J37 crank and J35A3 block. From what I'm aware of, the J35A3 is a slightly stronger block than the factory J35A4. I'm not going with a J32A2 as I will rather not have an high compression ratio because of the shorter stroke so the engine will handle force induction better. CL-S cams are just Odyssey cams according to the lift and part numbers. J37 heads will not work because of the different bore size and water passage locations . I'm just building a new engine because the engine in this van ate #5 spark plug and might of suffered wall damage and neglect from previous owners. The stroker doesn't sound like a bad idea since I'm keeping the factory ECU mainly for it's transmission

The biggest hoop will be the placement of the turbocharger. I'm not planning on making 700+ Wheel horsepower right now so I can go with a smaller turbocharger. I will have to relocate the battery somewhere it won't get into the way. I will still be hauling junk and dirtbikes in the back of the van and putting the battery in the ski box is a bad idea.

The vehicle will still need to pass Georgia emissions and get alright mpg which is better than a pickup (whole point why I got the van)

I'll update the thread when I get the AEM F/I controller ordered and installed. I'm doing the build no matter what. The build will happen on the black 2004 Odyssey on my profile.