Please use the Search button before posting a new thread and try to post in existing threads (on the same issue of course) if at all possible.

No you won't be banned if you don't Search. But its a nice thing to do at any forum not just OdyClub.

If you post a new thread and the item has been discussed before, users might ask you to search or they might give you some search terms and perhaps if they are in a good mood or have time, they'll also give you the first few results of the search.

That is to help you out not to be mean to you.

If that makes you feel unwelcome, sorry about that but you should try the search before posting new threads.

Here is a good video that has been posted by prior moderators for your humorous enjoyment.

Also, if your post gets moved/merged/locked, its not called censorship. Its called topic consolidation. Censorship would be when your posts vanish.