I have a 2006 Honday Odysse. I started having an issue with my battery dying. Honday replaced my battery under warranty in November, because I purchased a new one April/2012. Two weeks after it was replaced it died on me. I recharged the battery and it died within 5 hours of the car sitting. I have linked this to another problem with the power sliding doors. A month ago when leaving the house we put the car in drive and the sensor that tells you one of the doors is open started going off. We checked all the doors and then tried again, same issue. So, we turned the switch off on the dash to make the power sliding doors manual, sensor stopped. Come to find out the switch is draining the battery. With the car off and the switch off, I tested the battery and got 12 volts. Then I turned switch on and got a significant amperage draw, went down to 8 or so. What could possibly be my problem?