I’m looking for some insight on my 2008 Odyssey EX sliding door. It had the typical sliding door problems, binding and skipping when opening or closing. After some research, I bought the roller for the passenger side and replaced it myself a week ago. In order to release the tension on the cable, I pulled up the white tabs on the sliding door motor. I couldn’t tell that it made a difference with the tension, but proceeded to replace the roller and snapped the white tabs back in place. The roller works well, but I am now having a latch problem (never a latch problem previously) If I place the door fully open and then use the automatic switch to close the door, it rolls up to the door frame but will not latch properly; the door remains resting against the frame but not latched. If I then try to automatically open the door from that position, the motor/cable cannot move the door. I tried adjusting the door bracket alignment, but it looks good (I marked the hinge bracket with a fine Sharpie marker before replacing the door roller). The door closes and latches correctly when done manually. If I manually close the door up to the catch point (not sure how else to describe it) at the frame, the door will close and latch automatically from there. Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.