How much transmission fluid will raise from low hole to high hole on dipstick ?
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Thread: How much transmission fluid will raise from low hole to high hole on dipstick ?

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    How much transmission fluid will raise from low hole to high hole on dipstick ?

    '05 ody. 205K miles. EX, no VCM.

    My transmission fluid was very low -- below the bottom hole but still visible on dipstick. I am adding fluid through a hose through the dipstick. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere in the forum, I failed searching the forum, and could not find the answer there or in the owners manual.

    How much fluid is needed to raise the fluid level from the lower hole to the upper hole? A quart? a few ounces? two quarts ?

    I am not trusting the dipstick to tell me how much to add since I am adding through the dipstick neck via a hose. I am afraid it will read false high.

    Thank you.

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    For oil, it's usually a quart between high and low - not entirely sure for the transmission, but I would guess it's more like a half quart (based on how much higher it goes if you overshoot by a fraction of a quart when adding)

    For adding, rather than going through the dipstick hole, I would recommend the fill plug which is on the top of the transmission (the plug has "ATF" embossed on it) - I'd add a quarter or third of a quart, then drive it a bit and check it - if it's still too low, add a bit more.

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    There are also some pretty detailed directions on here from other users as to when, exactly, one should check the tfluid reading (I don't recall the procedure off hand) and this may effect what your levels appears to be at.
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    ATF check procedure:
    1. Engine warmed up (by driving, so the transmission is warm too)
    2. Engine off
    3. Parked on level ground
    4. Check level 60 to 90 seconds after shutting off the engine.
    5. Level should be between the dots.

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