Sliding doors + fixed
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Thread: Sliding doors + fixed

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    Dec 2018

    Sliding doors + fixed

    Hopefully to save all many hours of research and stress dealing with sliding door issues +++
    All kinds of crazy issues seemingly unrelated to doors
    Like key fob won't open doors, won't lock or unlock doors ,panic button inop can't arm the alarm,
    Interior light issues.
    First sign was doors would almost close and reverse and the buzzer would stay on and need to turn main power switch on dash off to get warning buzzer to go off. For awhile it would reset itself and work but finally both doors would not open or shut at all under power with switch,handle or remote. For sure the hindges needed replaced one side for sure which I believe is what put added pressure on the rear latching lock lever from the weight of the door bouncing around on the strick and part the reason it gets bound up and stuck in the unlocked postion which causes the micro switch tobe open and your BATTERY DRAINs if over a day between starts.
    Took both rear latch assembly's out, checked all micro switches used parts cleaner then sprayed with penetrating oil regreased first time with lithium grease no change.
    Freed up the small spring loaded latch but not well enough ,
    When you manually move the arm that closes the hook around the Stricker that latch drops down and holds it in place ,the cable that goes to the lever to release it push with your finger and see if it releases and the lever pops back up on it's own, it's spring loaded. Might need to use a small screw driver to get under the edge of lever lightly bend up near pivot point. I used a whole can of brake parts cleaner trying not to get on electrical parts and use air hose to blow dry.
    Soak it in wd40 or similar
    I used
    dielectric grease the second time.
    After over a month with every interior panel removed more websites,threads,YouTube videos, repair manuals ,owners manuals doing the timing belt, water pump ,ac clutch, plugs,
    oil change,coolant flush finally.

    All others issues solved by


    All functions on remote control now work
    Both doors open and close by switch ,handle, and remote.
    Interior lights go on and off like they should. Time delay
    Auto lock functions work.
    Put in gear ect..
    A sample of things that didn't work at all or worked in weird ways.
    Many hours of time charging and jumping battery.

    Hopefully this may help someone from pulling out your hair

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    Aug 2018
    So the only REAL thing was the "old, sticky grease" in moving parts that was preventing from the free movement ?
    Cleaning it and lubricating was the FIX ?

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    Mar 2019
    Odyssey sliding doors have many broken handles, poor quality. Mine one are very heavy to open, all four doors are auto close - might due to not level, not sure how to fix. I just fixed the broken hand alloy brackets. they will broken again as poor design.

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    Feb 2016
    Do you have part numbers for the parts mentioned and cost? Could this be the issue with my post in the 2015 forum where the door doesn’t close? I have never noticed a battery drain issue...

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