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  • sontakke ·
    @ 235.5K I have just added Ceratec. I have 1200 miles trip day after tomorrow.
    After a short trip, I checked the color of the oil. I could not notice any different tint. I thought adding that coffee colored Ceratec would give different color to the oil? I know MOS2 would immediately darken it.
    cindyreed1234 ·
    You posted several years ago that you didn't have any problems after changing black, filthy transmission oil. You put several more thousand miles on your Honda. Now that it has been years, can you tell me if the trany ever failed after changing that fluid. Mine is also black, was changed once at 43k and now has 132k and hasn't been changed since the 43k. Am I safe to change it? Also, there is a tranny filter near the abs system that screws off. Would it be good to change that also? thanks for the help on this since it has been so very long since you posted. A decade I believe.
    sontakke ·
    Since you have earned the respect of this community, I am going to take your word and order Ceratec. I already use their MOS2 product and like it but for some reason I had been resisting adding "hard rocks" aka Cermaic granules to my crankcase :)
    OdyVanMan04 ·
    hey thanks...theres a lot of non believers out there that think you don't gain anything with a cold air intake... also its a bolt on CAI for a v6 Honda accord, fits good.
    ackack ·
    Hey Eric, is it likely that I could have stripped the transmission drain bolt on my '02? It seems to want to keep turning although it is pretty snug now with just a ratchet. At first I tried a torque wrench set low at 30 ft lbs (spec is 36) but it just seemed to be too easy to turn it with the leverage on a 1/2" torque wrench ... so I stopped. Most folks have problems with their oil bolt not the tranny but now I'm a bit anxious. Think I ought to keep snugging it with the regular ratchet? I DID use a new crush washer this time (used the existing washer the last time) so maybe this is what is throwing me off; ie, the washer is still compressing. Guess I could maybe pour in the old oil, which I saved, (and BTW, it is still nice & pink) & start her up to see if it leaks. I really respect your judgement. If you can give me some advice I will be most grateful.

    Pho ·
    can you post a pic of the wiring and ballast mounting for the morimoto d2s install in your van?
    thank you
    annc ·
    Can you recommend a honda mechanic in oklahoma, trying to go somewhere other then DEALER! ?? Thank you
    Motsyball ·
    I noticed you use Amsoil ATF in your Ody. Can you please tell me which type of Amsoil ATF you are using in it? Thanks.
    alienbest ·
    I am thinking to buy odyssey 2007-2009 and i want to buy a boat about 2800 with trailer gross.. My question is how you do on wet ramp when you pulling boat out any problems ??? how about your oddy runs no problems with transmission ? and how it feels on the road?? help me please. Thank you :smile:
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