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  • alasle747 ·
    2 weeks ago my 2006 odyssey battery light came on while driving and 5 min later the engine died on hwy. took the van home recharged batt and started engine and the battery light stayed on. Checked the altenator showing no charge and found the batt had a dead cell.
    replaced the batt (Used) and replaced new alternator from Advance Auto part.
    Everything works normal. After 400 miles (10 days later) same thing happened. Battery light stays on, van died on hwy again, battery died and alternator dead.
    I disconnected battery + terminal and charge the battery full, when I try to connect the+ terminal to the battery, it sparking at the post, and the alternator body getting very hot , I think some system was shorted out causing the alternator overload and bunrt out while the engine running.
    I am running out of trouble shoot skill, but I think I need another alternator, but I need to figure out what burn up the alternator before I install new alternaotor
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