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  • bandit400 ·
    sorry, didn't realize I had a private message...

    Honda has cutout lines on the inside of the bumper. I don't think it would be possible to install the hitch and make the cutout with the bumper on the vehicle.
    Because of the tight access inside the bumper when removed, it isn't possible to use tools (on the inside) to make the cuts.
    To make life easier, I put a bunch of blue painter's tape on the outside (to prevent scratches), then used thumbtacks to transfer the cut profile from the inside of the bumper to the outside.

    Then, I connected the dots and used a jigsaw to make the cut on the outside.

    I would recommend a tool like this to remove the plastic rivets:!2966!3!50916805917!!!g!82128499917!&ef_id=VkCN3gAABP2XVZt7:20180518114633:s
    scrabbler07 ·
    Hi Bandit,
    Was reading about your hitch install on 2018 Ody. When you say you used push pins to mark where to cut, how many of the plastic rivits holding the bumper on did you have to remove in order to see inside to push the pins? What tool do you use to pop them off? Also, did you have to remove the drivers side black plastic panel behind the wheel well, or could you cut that in place too?
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