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  • jmc86 ·
    Hey sorry to direct message you but you seem to be the resident expert as i see youve respoded to alot of differant issues here on thr forum. but would you happen to know which fuse to check as i continue to search its getting more and more confusine.

    2002 with a 3.5 changed the alt about amoutn agao and ran fine for a few weeks and randomly the insturment panel shut off on the way home battery tested as bad so i replaced battery. van ran fine for a day and di the same thing. assumed the tensioner had failed(as it was previously makeing noise) so i replace belt and tensioner and no change. checked the 120 amp fuse last night it seemed good battery tested good and alt tested as no chargeing voltage. leads me to believe a fusable link or fuse is blown somewhere but i dont know where. any pointers woudl be greatly appriceated.
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