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  1. 2012 Odyssey Leak Around Power Steering Pump

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    The o-rings are such an easy fix. I just did one two days ago on a 2002, which are more work than the 05 and up and it took me 30 minutes.
  2. Changing Power steering pressure hose.

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    The last one of these I did I used a Rein hose from RockAuto. It looked identical to the OEM. I used a crows foot from this kit: Easy peasy...
  3. 2006 Odyssey with 170k <- Check Gas Cap & Engine light on with P0455 & P0456

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    How about starting from the beginning with the exact codes you're getting. Is it just a check gas cap message or do you have a check engine light, as well?
  4. 2006 Odyssey Battery Light Even After replacing new Battery PLease HELP with advice

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    If you put an alternator on from the parts store then you will have this problem. Replace it with a Denso reman alternator and I'd bet my lunch the problem goes away. I've seen it many times. The store brand alternators are junk.
  5. '06 EX-L turn signals, ac, high beam, both sliding doors,auto door locks NOT WORKING

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    The van has what are called multiplex integrated control units, MICU boxes. These are just smart fuse boxes or control modules. When these get wet it can cause these problems. There is one behind the left rear quarter panel, one behind the driver's kick panel. They are also on the passenger...
  6. 2011 Odyssey EX-L - Check Charging System & Battery Light

    Problems and Concerns
    Simple, eh? Yeah, since the belt is self tightening with an automatic tensioner.
  7. 2011 Odyssey, CEL and VSA lights, Code P0302 etc, what's going on?

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    For VCM defeat devices, they're all good. Any of them are better than nothing. The fixed resistor type like the VCMuzzler is easy to install but, even in mild climates, can either trigger VCM too often with not enough resistance or cause a check engine light because of too much resistance. The...
  8. 2011 Odyssey, CEL and VSA lights, Code P0302 etc, what's going on?

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    NGK. You can get the part number from your owners manual.
  9. 2005 Odyssey Burning Oil - What to do?

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    Every car has its issues. The vcm issue is easily prevented and/or solved with the VCMTuner.
  10. 2011 Odyssey, CEL and VSA lights, Code P0302 etc, what's going on?

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    If Honda won't cover it then what needs to be done is likely a new set of spark plugs and a VCM Muzzling device.
  11. 2011 Odyssey, CEL and VSA lights, Code P0302 etc, what's going on?

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    1. Check your oil level. Low oil level can trigger certain codes. 2. Go somewhere like an Autozone and get the codes read so you have some idea of what's going on.
  12. Mixing power steering fluid.

    2011 - 2017 Odyssey
    Thats how I do it.
  13. Front Camshaft - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    I have read that some of these were just defective manufacturing.
  14. For those experiencing weak A/C on their Ody, maybe try this ...

    2018+ Odyssey
    There are adjustments on the TXV's but they are set at the factory and no adjustment is supposed to be made. Finding an automotive tech that would know how to measure superheat (or subcooling) would be a feat in itself. Really, there should be no adjustment made to anything. If the parts on...
  15. Where to start? CEL w/ P0300 with all cylinder misfire codes; P2646; VSA light

    2005 - 2010 Odyssey
    You asked whether the VCMTunerII would solve your problem. I have no idea since I don't know exactly what the cause of your issues are. I do know that VCM will be a problem eventually if it's not a problem now. I suspect it may be the cause of some of your issues but without more info there's...