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  • ymx777 ·
    I ended up getting 245s. I didn't want any chance of rubbing, eventhough several members here swear that 255s won't rub. I buy my tires from tirerack, and they don't have a many choices with 245s. I end up getting Michelin RS-3s. In hindsight, I should have gotten the pirellis (there were only two choices). The RS-3s are more like performance tires than all seasons, eventhough TR claim it was all seasons. This will force me to drive my snow tires deeper into spring to ensure no chance of running on snow with the RS-3s.

    Hope this helps.
    ymx777 ·
    Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Haven't checked the site in a while.
    My rims are the OEM rims for the Acura ZDX by Honda (19x8.5). So they are Honda OEM rims. I bought them from Bernardi parts (acura page). There are two styles for these rims. The ones I have are the gray-silver tone ones. The other ones are all silver. I'd think the part # is 42700-SZN-A02, but I don't remember for sure.

    I reused the center cap from the 18OEM that came with the vane. I suspect the 17 OEM center caps are the same size..? You can also just buy a set of OEM center caps for the 2014 touring/elite.

    Let me know if you have more questions/comments.
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