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  • Whit Baker ·
    I own a 2007 Ody Exl and I have a check engine light and the D light blinks. When the D light starts blinking I can shut the engine off and restart, light stops blinking. The engine runs good and tranny feels like it's shifting ok. Car has 170K on it.
    cadillac ·
    Hello New Dad:

    I am having an oil pump leak with my 1999 odyssey. I had recently completed a timing belt job and replaced the front crank seal, but afterwards there was the same leak that was present before the job. I replaced the spool valve, but still leaking. Went to dealer and they have confirmed oil pump reseal needed and quoted 1700 usd for the job. I view some helpful diagrams you posted that showed the Engine oil components.

    Do you know where I could find torque specs for the oil pump bolts and also for the oil pan bolts. I am thinking about doing it myself. Any advice or suggestions you could offer will be appreciated.

    Thank You

    diggspot ·
    hi there. You posted a great pdf on how to replace the back tail light for a honda odyssey. Im actually needing to replace the entire back door (hatch). (i backed into something and its going to cost me more then the car is worth to get it fixed, so im hoping my husband and i can do it ourselves). Would you happen to have any info on how to do that? Much thanks in advance. I should add, I own a 2002.
    Twizted ·
    hey there, i seen you're extremely smart so i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a tutorial to replace airbags?

    also would u be able to give me the exact link for the headlights you have? Im getting sick of the twice a year replacement halogens
    hoovdaddy ·
    I really appreciate all that you've done to post the TSBs for everyone. I just bought a 2007 EX-L from my brother-in-law and I believe we've got the issues in TSB 11-039. As I read though all the posts, it seems there was an update on Sept. 2, 2011. I was wondering if you had the update posted. I have downloaded the one dated July 15, 2011.
    godson22 ·
    hello New Dad how are you.
    if you dont mind i need your advise on installing DDM tuning hid Low beam, its 35w 6000k
    Anyways what happened was i had cheap H4 light bulbs from ebay before and low beam stoped working after some time, now i have no low beam and my fog lights also dont work. I got DDM HID and now they dont work.
    Do you think you can help me out, i did check all the fuses all fine ( forgot to mention high beam works on the same old light bulbs ) Would really appreciate your help. If you could write me on my email, its [email protected]
    New Dad New Van ·
    Hello. I can't send a photo in this message but I can via an email address if you want.

    You basically push the bottom of the side view mirror in all the way at the bottom. Then to release the mirror holder from the housing, use a rag-wrapped blade screwdriver to pry the holder off the 4 hooks on the housing. It should just pop up and out.
    jiangq ·
    Hi there,
    I am reading your post on the rear-view mirror replacement. Do you happen to have a picture to show the 4 tabs with which the mirror assembly is attached to the motor assembly?
    Thanks in advance.
    stouto ·
    Thanks for the troubleshooting tip for a P1607 code occurring after a battery drain. Don't understand why the Honda Dealer didn't do this after I told the CS rep that I had to jump start the Van. Also had to replace the battery since it was old. Instead he suggested I replace the ECM /PCM at a cost of $800
    Oda from Georgia
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