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  • shawnzzz ·
    thank you for the awesome diy write- ups
    can you please share the link or seller's infor of where you got your parking sensors and 3 way pbc boards for rear bumper reflector
    jon.bux ·
    I'm seriously drooling over the mods you've done to your van. Freaking awesome man. Do you mind sharing the links of where you got your parking (front and back) sensors?
    atifkm ·
    Hi Dear,
    I saw you have done lot of great additions to you van.
    I want to open roof liner to correct seat middle seat belt.
    Can you please let me know how to pull down roof liner above middle driver side seat.
    Thanks for reply.
    nomorenow ·
    Hi Julissa snowflake,

    You can get it the Dual USB slots 12v DC plug from your local Wal-Mart.
    The newer 12v plug can also charges your iPad too with 2.1A power.

    Good Luck!
    snowflake ·
    hi- just got a 2013, you did a great job adding a 2nd power socket( 3M socket), where can i get that USB part? it Really bugs me that i can only conect iphone via usb to charge through the glove compartment.
    ek9cusco ·
    hi JT... the weathertech on my driver side... whenever i roll the window up automatically.. it will hit the top and come back down half way. i didn't put on any vasoline when i mounted those. where should i put vasoline at?

    also, i got the weathertech for my accord.. but my windows are all tinted. do i need to take special care during the install?

    thanks in advance...
    nomorenow ·
    Thanks for coming to my Profile~! And here short Wikipedia-like about me......

    Born: in mid-1970's
    Ethnic: Asian
    Class of '95
    1st Job: '95-'97 EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) as Internship/Lead Abatement dept.
    then: '97-'03 Night Club DJ, (Weekends only) nickname was giving "JT IN THE HOUSE"
    then: '97-'01 Automotive Machinist, rebuild cylinder heads <---Mastered
    then: '01-To Date Delta Air Lines, Airport Customer Service as Super Tug Driver <---I move planes

    Hobbies: Cooking, Laptop repairs, Slick Deals, Handyman, Electronics, Be Patience, Basketball, and Helping others.
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