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  1. LCA Lower Control Arm Help me Decide

    1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    Lower Control Arm Torque Specs LCA Torque specs -LCA Replaced yesterday with Moog CK series. Ball joint has grease zerk. 2002 EX-L 307,000 miles. Clunk when braking and again when starting from stop, but not all the time. No up/down movement on testing with jacked up wheel. Only detected...
  2. Cant get alternator out, please help

    1999 - 2004 Odyssey
    I just replaced original alternator on 2002 with 260,000 miles. Denso re-manufactured $240 Gates auto-tensioner/idler pullery $35 (Napa re-branded) Gates AC/alternator belt $18 (Napa re-branded) 1. Jack up front end of car, place on jack stands. 2. Remove passenger front wheel. 3. Remove...
  3. Meet your Honda AT Filter

    Periodic Maintenance
    Have had the Long 4452 in for about a week now. Happy I did it, but wish I had done it earlier. Liked the fact that someone else (Mel) blazed the trail and clearances, etc. were already worked out. Was most worried about getting bumper on and off, but this was not really a problem. Had to...
  4. Meet your Honda AT Filter

    Periodic Maintenance
    I did 2 drain/fills, each a week apart, followed by Mel's transmission cooler (Long 4452) and a Magnefine filter in series after the cooler, with another drain/fill (always Honda z1) at that time. Plan on driving it another week or two and then tackling the OEM filter. Not been having too much...