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  • Lantigua ·
    Good morning. I have been reading through this post and have found some great information. I see that you have been very active in it, so maybe you can help answer some of my questions.

    I want to install HID's on a 2007 Ody, I want the color to have a blueish tint to it...something similar to the last pics you posted. Are 4300k the way to go, or do you guys have anything like 6000k and would that be too bright?

    Also, im looking to install fog lights. What would you recommend.
    michaelvlin ·
    Hi Steve,

    I just purchased an 2011 and have been looking at the HID threads on this site. I decided to pull the trigger and get the Extreme kit. Unfortunately in my haste I selected the wrong temp. I intended to purchase the 4300k. My order is for the 3000k. How do I change it to the one I want? My order number is 20494. I put this in about an hour ago and just tried changing it online but the site is telling me that I cannot edit because it has been processed.

    Please help.


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