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      If the fill plug has been off in less than 30k miles, it shouldn't be that bad. I did use 1/2" tools - a 10" extension into a 6" extension (not sure of exact lengths but it's the two longer ones from this set. I also used this 1/2", 25" long breaker bar and a 1-1/4", 5' long rigid conduit for my breaker bar extension.

      Just wait until you hear the crack sound it makes when it breaks loose !

      The torque values on both plugs is pretty low actually but that's because of that material(s) of the plugs and the transmission body.
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      Thanks for the visual Cnn. Stupid question about "breaker bar" setup...can I just use your iron pipe setup with regular 1/2 socket wrench? What does the "breaker bar" bring to the party? Thanks agin for your help.
      You can use the regular "ratchet" with the iron pipe.

      However, a "breaker bar" is better, you can buy the breaker bar at Sears or Harbor Freight:

      1/2" Drive 25" Breaker Bar

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