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      Nothing can beat this since it will remove the yellow rust on its own.
      With the price, it will outlive your honda.
      I used it already several years and only brush, wait few minutes and wipe w/ paper towel.
      The metal surface that has no paint will turn grey like being galvanized.
      While the paint area will be back to paint color minus yellow rust color.
      To me it's easy and no brainer. Just reapply as the yellow coming back. In my case after winter is offer and before staring the winter.
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      I live in the Northeast where rust is a real problem for cars. During the winter, I frequently rinse the car top to bottom to get salt and sand off the car. Even with frequent cleaning, the underbody and some areas on the body have started to rust.

      Online I have seen some oil/wax based undercoat products such as Fluid Film and Krown. The product is applied to the underbody of the car, creating an oil/wax film, and in theory prevent rust. Does anyone here have experience with such products on their Odysseys? What are your opinions of these products?
      Hi, I used OilGard Anti-Rust Windsor and similar like krown basically.
      Canadian used that thing a lot. It's effective only for a year then you need to repeat again. So it's very costly for the life of the vehicle. I only did once. it helps better than nothing. I have 2003 LX w/ 320k miles now.
      The main problem is the left wheel well where it cover w/ rubber in the lip. In 03 the welding in left rear wheel well has some gap. The imperfect connection between the inner metal (where has the undercoat) and outer metal (where has paint) causing kind of pocketing for the salt being collected.
      Really not much we can do. Even I tried to fill the gap w/ undercoat since new it's useless. Still rusted.
      the body engineering needs to be improved somehow. I know sienna wheel well is much better.
      But now the last 5 years I am able sort of to slow down the rust penetration using Klean-Strip 1 Gal. Concrete Etch & Metal Prep + Rust Inhibitor-GKPA30220 - The Home Depot.
      It removes all the yellow mark also in the paint and galvanized the bare metal w/ zync.
      Repeat again when it show the rust is active, after couple months if the car washed or going through salt.
      I hoping there will be third party company sell odyssey wheel well in the future just like civic and accord.

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