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      Just got done changing the AT fluid in my 2013 Ody. at 58K, (first time) maintenance minder said to change it. In my opinion, easier than an oil change for DIYer, >Once you get the bolt free<

      1) The ATF fill bolt is on Tight. Broke my first ratchet trying to free the bolt, while using a breaker bar. Never did get it off, even with a new ratchet, so I gave up.

      2) But removing the fill bolt really isn't needed, I filled via the dipstick. I had gotten a long thin funnel at Harbour Freight, it fit over the dipstick port snugly. 18" Long Neck Black Funnel Took no longer to fill this way than thru the ATF fill hole.

      3) The drain bolt was on tight too. Ended up using some oil and hitting the bolt with a hammer to get it lose. Used a new washer when I tightened it up.

      4) Used the Valvoline MaxLife[SUP]™[/SUP][FONT=HelveticaNeueW01-55Roma, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] DEX/MERC ATF fluid. I can really tell a difference in the shifting of the transmission.

      Personally, with the ATF fluid costing under $18 per gallon at Wal-mart, this is an easy preventive maintenance item, I'll do it more often than the MX minder calls for.
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      14,037 Posts are you accessing that fill plug from the top and using a long funnel? Is it a straight shot or are you all removing plastics to access?
      A long funnel is required. I have one like this that works perfectly. I think I get mine down in there with the engine cover on but it only takes 10 seconds to remove the cover. I usually just pull it when I do oil changes just so I can visually inspect things during my maintenance.

      You can also fill through the dipstick tube with a funnel, as well.

      18" Long Neck Black Funnel

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